Are my plants ready to start flowering cycle?

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  1. This is my first grow and these plants are about 7 weeks old... should i start the flowering cycle or should I wait a little longer? :confused:

    I know it will take at least another 60-70 days to harvest once I start flowering and I am already running out of smoke..

    Any help would be great!!!! Thanks!!!:D

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  2. up to you when you flower m8, id say its a good time, at 7 weeks they are mature, its just a choise of letting em get bigger for a bigger harvest, or putting them in 12/12 now
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    Are they really 7 weeks old? Look more like 4 to me.
    As mills69 said, it's up to you when you flower.

    My bit: It depends on the size of your grow area, not how much smoke you have.
    You need to learn to judge when to flower them so that they don't overgrow their space.
    The later you flower them, the larger they'll get and the bigger the yield.
    You've got 2-3 months to go. (Like me, I've got about the same.)
    Just buy some in the meantime. We all have to stoop to that sometimes.

    Do you plan to top them?

    Also, are they pre-flowering yet?
    (That's the best time to hit them with 12/12, if size isn't an issue.)
  4. they are about 7 weeks from the first sign of rooting.. probably about 4 weeks since they were transplanted.

    my grow area is a 5'x5'x78" tent -- i have plenty of room for the girls to stretch ;)

    yes i think they are pre-flowering - cause they have little pistols in-between the branches
    i was considering topping them soon to start some new clones so i dont run into this issue again!!!! :devious:
  5. Yep, that's pre-flowering, so they're ready to go to 12/12 any time.
    As mentioned, it's up to you. If you've got plenty of room, you could let them go a little longer. They won't head until they get 12/12, unless they're autos.
  6. Ha...maybe in hydro. But not in soil
  7. Hi Shaggy! :wave:

    Actually these plants are currently under T5 mixed spectrum & 600 watt MH at the same time -- the picture is deceiving.

    When i do switch to 12/12 I have a 600 watt HPS lamp waiting to be used. You could say I bought the farm when it came to putting my system together :smoke:
  8. When to flower a marijuana plant is similar to when you should deflower a female. You can do it any time you want, but if you let them get a little bigger you will get better results. Less kicking and screaming and stress on the girl that way.
  9. :bolt:

    yes quite the example but i understand ;)

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