Are My Plants Ready To Harvest? *pics*

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by R0CKY, May 20, 2013.

  1. hey i was wondering if my plant was done flowering thanks
    the 1st pic if the very top bud on top on the plant and the 2nd pic if
    a pic of a bud about half way down the plant. please tell me if these are
    ready to harvest thanks!
    This Pic below is a bud shot half way down the plant is this also ready to harvest? 

  2. What week of flowering is this? It seems to me they should be able to swell a little bit more unless your light is not that strong it which case they are done.
  3. i have 340ish watts of CFL's and its about week 5 1/2 of flowering thanks
  4. Keep it going mate, try again in another 2 weeks
  5. is that 5 1/2 weeks flowering or of 12/12. if it's 12/12 i'd say another 4-5 weeks. if not, u can probable wait another 3 at least. I know it's hard. I been clipping buds of my short one daily just to hold me over till harvest. she has about 2 weeks left. check my sig thread grow. I have a 4 footer that still has 4-5 weeks left. just let her fill out. you'll almost double yield in final 2 weeks.
  6. Yeah I would say let them go for another 2-3 weeks. My autoflowers are about week 3 and they are bigger than that and dense. So just give it time to get fatter.

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