Are my plants ready for harvest, I'll flush them for the next 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by MaryJaneCy, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. It's kind of hard for me to tell from your pics....but they seem to be pretty dang close. How long have they been in flower?
  2. I can't read the trichomes, but it DOES look ready, to me; you're just fox-tailing, now.
  3. They flowered really early like 3rd or 4th week smthn like that

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  4. If you haven't already and have access I would use a little scope to look at the trichomes but how I personally know is when my leaves start dying back around what should be there last week or two Pentagon strain and such
  5. I agree with everyone else who thinks it's about time. You could probably wait a week or so but I'd take them now, I like a more psychoactive high than couchlock.
  6. Are these autos? If so I agree with the others comments! If not leave them, they are re-vegging (buds die off and the branches will get bigger) then once the photoperiod(amount of light hours in a day vs dark) is correct they will bud for you again with a larger harvest! Re-vegging would explain the fox tailing and small round funky leaf explosions. Hopefully this helps!

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  7. i need to flush them for another week anyway

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  8. and yes they r autos

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