Are my plants okay?

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    Does anyone know what strain is used to grow "Schwag"
    Any pictures of large schwag plants but grown with only females, so not schwag but dank from schwag seeds.
    (Only saying schwag cause i don't know the actual strain name)

    Okay, I thought i'd repost this message with more details so I can get the answer i'm looking for.
    These seeds I got from some bag weed just some schwag I threw those seeds out in the winter yada yada as spring comes they began to grow but the weather is still crazy you know like hot days then freezing days.
    The plants have survived 2-3 days of snow, strong winds above 10-15 mph and most of them look good for their size. the first two leaves that the plants grew period the first two plain leaves for the most part all of those have fallen off or turned yellow, what does that mean?

    These plants are a few months old but due to the weather going crazy and the season they are only about 5-6 inches and growing the main stem is growing its second set of branches on top of the first two.
    Okay so i've had to move these plants (Dig them out of ground with a mini shovel, Tryed to get the roots with the dirt that its in and move it to a different spot. Not really banging them around while moving but i'm just taking caution cause I'm not sure if moving them would effect the yield or something of that sort.
    I may have messed up the girls light schedule by like 15-20 minutes nothing to worry about.
    Will the severe weather effect the overall harvest potency, and amount?
    What should I expect the harvest to yield and the potency level depending on the information above?(Assuming 3 females Fairly large plants 3-4 feet.
    Sorry for making this thread so long but I appreciate it!
    Thank you to everyone who replys to this! =]
  2. Schwag has less to do with the strain than how it was dried, cured, processed, packaged, delivered, etc. While some strains are not as potent as others, they will not look like shit weed if they are dried and cured properly.

    Look at some of the journals in the grow journal area that are bagseed. There have been a bunch of dank crops grown.

    The cotyledons, or the first green shoots given off after the seeds sprouts, are not true leaves so I wouldn't be concerned as long as the rest of the growth is green and healthy looking.

    Severe weather will stress your plants, so you might get less of a yield, but every case is different. As long as none of the stems broke beyond repair, it might even help your plant (stronger stalk).

    It's really hard to estimate yield with all the variables involved. I won't even try :p

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