Are my plants okay?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ymape1, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. my friend gave me these, said his grandpa grew it and that it only needs to go through drying and curing process and id like to ask, sinice he doesnt grow and I also never have had, if is my weed okay because i feel like its nuggs are small and they look weird, cant imagine getting out of it solid weed, thank for your respond

    DBFCE9F4-231E-4FAA-BE55-62A1E29E47B4.jpeg 0998E21D-114A-4481-A4E1-5A57FF34C14B.jpeg

  2. They look more like WAY too premature cut............bud, than anything else.......
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  3. Ff, shit, do you think itll be smokeable?? Thanks for your responde
  4. Only way to know is trim them up better and test her

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  5. by the time drying is done they wont be much smokable material left considering buds are 75% water before dry
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  6. They look a little early to be cut but as they are already, i would do the snap test.. If you hear the stems crack internally, then trim all sugar/excess leaves away and jar them with a hydrometer (once in the jar if it reads over 70% RH, then lay them out in the dark on carboard for a few hours and re-jar until the RH reads under 70% but over 56%) If you do NOT get the snapping stems - Re-hang the buds (on the stalks) in a dry/dark environment - Not exceeding 20 degrees until you do! Then into the jars and repeat the above process! Good luck
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  7. Yes thank You very much!! I know about the curing process and the test, it definitely needs to get dryed, just was curious about these weird nugs, thank you, i just started drying them, so i hope it will go well, only time will tell
  8. Looks ok mate - Once trimmed will look better mate! Enjoy - It was free after all :)
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  9. Grandpa doesnt know what the fuck hes doing lol
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