Are my plants ok?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hillyc20, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. The stems on my plants have turned purple.
    Are they ok? I've never seen this before.

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  2. All my stems and leaf stems are red or part red. someone said it was prolly due to cold. They said they should be fine tho...
  3. Alot of times, It's due to stress.
  4. Ok, thank you! Yeah, it's starting to get a little colder here. They looked good so I thought so but when the stems turned, I just wasn't sure. It's only my second year, second crop.
  5. sometimes(expecially in mid-late flower) the plant will naturally have purple/pink stems and alot of yellowing leaves. this is a natural process probably, so i wouldn't rlly worry about it
  6. what strain are those plants:rolleyes:
  7. From the pics, the color looks alright. That is, just as long as they are not getting large fluctuations in temp. I've see AK pull the same color when it got too warm.
  8. Relax, your plants are fine. Purple color can come from low temps, certain nute deficiencies, or can just be a characteristic of a particular strain. Yours don't look like they are deficient in anything, and as it starts to cool down at night, it will become a more common thing.
  9. Great, thanks for all of your help! I had just heard that purple stems can be bad.

    They're just growing from kine seeds. I plant only 6 to 8 a year... already harvested 2 that I started earlier. It's a nice sativa.
  10. As long as your stems are not completely purple then your fine. stripped purple isnt a bad thing. My new buds turn purple/pink depending on temp.

    When you dry the purple goes away inless super purple.
  11. purple is a bad color :( should havest those and send them to me for disposal:smoking:
  12. Thanks!

    ...haha, actually it's pretty good and the purple didn't seem to affect the plants. i clipped and dried some out last week. very nice =)

  13. hahahahaha, ill help you get rid of it man, i know it could be a hard job
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    Your plants ar fine. Every single pot leaf stem I have ever seen was purple.

    Now your main stems is a different story. But your main stems are nice a green.

    Your plant is 100% perfect when it comes to purple. The purple in your leaf stems has nothing to do with cold.

    I challege anyone to show me a pot leaf stem that is not purple on any plant. Again cold has nothing to do with the purple on your leaf stems.

    If the buds were turning purple you can lean to stran and temps.
  15. it can be a lot of things, incuding what strain it is. at or near flowering purple stems can be a sign of phosphorous deficiency. i just had this problem, a hot shot of liquid bat guano did the trick.

  16. my plants didnt have purple stems untill i had nute lock out due to high ph.
    i flowerd 2 plants a while ago that never turned purple.

    i had heat fluctuations ph problems and bad soil issue. resulting in purple stems. but i also had drooping leaves, yellowing leaves and other issues along with purple stems.
    the clones i have repotted in fox farm soil and the purple is slowly fadding away.

    im still trying to figure out EXACTLY what purple means.. if its genetic, idk but i know my plants are not related and they both have purple. :confused:
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    I was talking about the LEAF STEM. All stems on the leaf itself are purple and almost every MJ plant in the world. I was not the MAIN STEMS.

    To me the OP plants are just like every MY plant that I have ever seen. Again all leaf stems are purple on all MJ plants. So the Op plants are just fine and has nothing to do with PH or temps.

    Most plants I see have purple leaf stems like his. I have seen some that do not but they are younger plants.

  18. ah.. i see. younger plants hmm.. maybe its a maturaty thing....

    but thats wierd that my clones didnt have purple. then i had a ph problem. they went purple. then now they are fading back to green....

    while my mother plants LEAF STEMS are purple but only since i had the ph problem previous to that they were bright green on a 4 month old plant...

    and no i wasnt talking about main stem . i am only talking about leaf stems.
  19. Thanks, I appreciate all of your responses. I'm still pretty new to growing but they turned out great. Very nice sativa.
  20. those bitches are beautiful!

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