Are my plants ok? 26 days flower - leaves turning yellow

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    Hello GC.

    I need help guys. Some of the leaves of my two plants has started to turn yellow and I haven't got a clue on whats' causing it. Ok, maybe a couple, but im not sure....

    Everything was fine and green on vegging, but i switched to 1khps from 400MH when i switched to 12/12. And I am now at around 25-26 days of flowering, the leaves are turning bright yellow. some are brown on the tips... pLease look at the pics.

    Honestly, i think its a little too warm in the room. It would sometimes reach 92f when the dehumidifier is on. But i read that with high levels of co2, its manageable.

    I think the plants only started to turn yellow after a went from 400 to 1k hps.

    My solution for hydro right now is around 1000ppm GHexpert program.

    Please help, thanks

    Things I tried to do when I saw the leaves turning yellow(two weeks ago):

    1. Made floilar spray 300ppm micro(N), 200 Calmag. Total - 500ppm foilar solution
    2. Lowered the nutrients from 1100ppm to 1000ppm. Im only adding water now. Ppm would go down to 940 then back up to 1040.
    3. Move the 1khps from 9"away to around almost 2 feet from the canopy.
    4. Removed the fan that was directly blowing air to canopy, making the leaves always moving 24/7. Now i have a fan blowing stright up to distribute co2. No more air blowing on the canopy

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    if it was me i would leave the fan on the plants they cool themselves by persperation how close is the light to the plants looks like you might have more then one problem going on at once maybe someone with more expereience in hydro will chime in im a soil guy:smoking: ps temps are a little high i shoot for 82

  3. Thanks for the advice dude.

    I hope everyone finishes shopping soon, so maybe i can get more help.
  4. Well, thanks for all the help GC.

    So many answers. Wow!

    I knew I could count on this forum.
  5. water only, they look over-ferted

  6. Thanks. I just did that.

    You think they'll still be ok?
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    Yea, think you can save them. The older leafs won't change back to green. Just keep checkin' the new growth. I know when my leafs turn yellow or look crappy they get pinched off. That way I can watch the grow better. What kinda soil you using and ferts? water?

    Oh sorry, I see it's hydro. my bad

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