Are my plants healthy?

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  1. Hey blades I found some seeds in 2 bags of different weed. So i germinated them for 5 days till talk got a little tail. I put them in a hotdog shop cup with miracle grow soil, I plan on transplanting it in a different kind of soil when time comes to transplant it. They're 1 week old, I have 3 different lights on them. 1. 75W soft white 2. 60W Soft white 3. 13W helical light. I sealed the area under my bed off with Mylar and taped them their to seal it. I'm about to order a 400w HPS aluminum wing reflector for the full grow and a grow tent which is 4x4x6.5 feet, with a Intake/Exhaust fan for air and vent system. I will also have an air purifier. My plants will be organically grown so my question is are my plants healthy?

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  2. Need to get the light closer to them, they're wayyyyy stretched. Three plants in one pot will suffocate each other, and miracle grow will fry them.

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  3. How would I separate all three of them?

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    Very carefully, hand over top, seedlings through fingers, turn down side up and gently massage soil mass out onto a clean surface. Have 3 pots with soil ready, with a mist bottle in hand start breaking the soil away gently, when you get closer to the taps, use the mist bottle to wash soil away, gently pick up individual and let it's tap/root system dangle down into a whole you created with a pen or your finger in its new home ( potter ) . Once inserted sufficiently gently maneuver soil to make her comfortable, and then repeat with the other 2.

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  5. Thank you very much should I do that when ready to transplant or when?

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