Are my plants gonna make it??

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  1. My friend found these plants that were being grown in a strophome box thing on an island in the river in my town lol. The box had already been abused and the plants were all covered in soil and all alot of branches snapped up and leaves drooping. i took what i could salvage from the box back to the woods behind my house and planted them in a water bottle because i forgot to bring party cups with me. So now i got all these pathetic saplings sitting in soil in a water bottle and i wanna know if theirs any chance they will root and come back from the dead.
    Oh yea and in the box was one of those labels u stick in the soil and it said OJ Haze. I think it might be orange juice because the plants did smell kinda orangy so it might be some bomb genetics if im luckey.
    Sow what do you guys think is there a chance of these plants ever takin off? And what should i do to nurture them along?

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  2. doesn't look to good for them man :(
  3. :O RIP plants
  4. So you think theres no chance?
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    :p:p:p Is this a real post ? Seriously ?

    Holy shit those things look like they have been nuked. Hope you got good drainage holes in that pot.

    My dog wouldnt piss on that.
    I like how you gave us 4 pics from different angles... just incase.

    Im sorry man but i cant stop laughing.

    Basically it looks like you have left overs.. Some cheeky buggers been off with the good bits of the plant already.
  6. Not likely sorry to say. You could always hang onto them and hope for the best but I wouldn't spend any money on nutes or anything like that, just straight water. But I seriously doubt that they will make it.
  7. Well i took the pictures on the phone so the pictures were all real blurry so you cant really see what the leaves look like. They look somewhat better in person. And i do have drainage wholes in the bottom.
  8. I cannot imagine them looking better in person. The containers are opaque, which has done a number on the roots. Learn from this, and move on....
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    Are you looking at the same pictures as me ?
  10. Yes, I was just trying to stay positive about it. This is the Absolute Beginners section after all. Give some tips instead of being a hater :smoke:
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    Tips for growing what ? A dead piece of plant.

    Why give him false hope and say
    All the time hes ''giving them straight water'', he could be here reading up on how to properly grow if thats what he wants to do. Move on.
  12. Yeah, I think you would have better chances of just buying a bag of mids, or some seeds(I prefer mids, because you get to get high and you get seeds), but I grow for personal use only and dont really care what strain etc I get.

    If you want to get some shit growing, just read the hell out of this site, and get some seeds in the dirt.

    Just remember, the plants dont need the exact perfect conditions that many people on here give their plants, obviously those conditions do help give the plant more yeild and potency, but dont think its impossible to grow because you cant supply EVERY little thing that most people will tell you that you need..

    I got some plants growing right now that Ive been growing with just soil and water and they got some decent shit growing on them, lots of trichomes for outdoors with no money spent.. Ill post pics of them if you want to see what to expect for cheap if you dont want to spend a lot..

    You gotta try it though or youll never get it, youll probably fuck some shit up the first time around, but just keep at it and eventually youll be able to grow some good shit. You can read the shit out of every thread on here, but youll never actually get good at it until you try, which is why I would reccomend bagseeds at first, you dont want to pay for seeds then kill them because youre inexperienced..

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