are my plants flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by parkerpothead, May 12, 2006.

  1. Ah Shucks.
    I come up short again. My guess is that it was a male and not a hermie. KemHaze, I have been growing pot for about 4 years and have never had a hermie. I also grow from feminized seed and they have never gone hermie. Hermies are not as common as everyone here on GC thinks they are. Additionally for the past 3 years I have been here on grass city whenever someone says they have a hermie I always ask for proof. Guess how many times I have gotten my proof. Never, nobody has ever proved the hermie claims.
  2. I would be more than happy to provide you with proof. Have you ever got bud that had a couple seeds in it?? Some strains of pot also have a tendency to go hermie. If you use high priced feminized seeds from a stable strain, then you may have never had hermies. I however, have. For instance, I have a strain known as Rene (HT March, April, or MAY - not sure - GROWCANADA) there are no seeds available for this strain, and it is unstable to say the least. It is however the sweetest tasting bud I have ever tasted, with a comparable high. This strain in late bloom, produces alot of male flowers (little yellow preflowers) and left long enough, she will seed herself. If you would like proof, give me about 3 more weeks, and ill post some pics - i guarantee it.
  3. Hey man
    That's cool. All I am saying is that 9 times out of 10 when the word hermie is used, it is being used inaccurately. Yes, there are some strains that have a high genetic chance of turning hermie. Otherwise, most of the time people are mis-diagnosing the sex of their plants. Also, finding a seed in an otherwise sinsemilla plant is Mother Natures way of making sure the species goes on.
  4. Last year, on my first grow ever, I overstressed my plant and it went hermie. I was dissappointed, but it was a learning experience. By hermie of course I mean distinct male "balls" in addition to abundant pistils. oh well, this year is going great
  5. Dirty,
    Too bad technology failed you LoL. Hermies can be found all over on the web and in books. I just rarely see real Hermies here on GC. Usually people are wrong when they say hermie. Here is a link to a guy who got a legitimate hermie. It is the first I have seen on GC for as long as I can remember.
  6. If you are planing on keeping male plants DO NOT KEEP THEM IN THE SAME BUILDING. As Toasybiz mentioned, pollen is designed to spread through the air. There should be independant ventilation for both buildings. If you keep them in the same buidling, you run the risk of pollen floating through venting, human contamination and even just floating around in the air.

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