are my plants flowering

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  1. right i am baffled my plants are roughly about 4 weeks old they are under a 400w sodium they are growing well and at first i was giving them 24hr lighting but i cut it down to 18hrs i have noticed now that they look like they are starting to bud is this possible after a short while i have some pics to show are they flowering and if so what should i do cheers:confused:

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  2. Yeah bro, those are flowering. I'm not sure if they're "preflowering" or flowering or whatnot, what time settings do you have your lights on? It would be best to change them to 14/10 or 12/12 about now, your plants are in flower.
  3. sure looks like it. Make sure you get rid of any males.
  4. cheers lads for the info ii was on 18hrs but ive set my timer for 12/12 or do you think 14/10 would be better with them being 4 weeks old:hello:
  5. wierd 18 hours and flower? hmmm it can happen but just switch to 12/12 when its flower time. u can shorten your days like start 14 hours and subtract a half hour a night i guess but i just switch to 12/12.
  6. if your plant continues to flower with 14 hours of light then go for it. it will help. apparently some strains will still flower with 13 or 14 hours. that bit of extra light could help out on your yield.
  7. just a little info on this issue. There is a little-known species of marijuana known as Cannabis ruderalis. This species of plant, native to regions in Russia and Mexico, while containing next to no levels of THC, it does however have a trait of "auto-flowering". This is expressed by just that, AUTO-FLOWERING, as soon as the plant reaches a certain hight, it automatically starts flowering regardless of photo-period. Your particular variety may be a hybred with a ruderalis parent. Further more, if plants were flowering under 18hrs of light, and u desire a 12/12 cycle then slowly sdjust hours 18/6, 17/7, 16/8, 15/9 so on and so on. Too much light during bloom cycle can stress the hell out of your plants. It kind of goes different ways though. Certain species will benefit from an increase in light during the final couple days of flowering, then other species may try to stretch and produce airy "popcorn" buds. Experimentaion with your strains is key, in time, you will know what works best with your situation.
  8. cant he put the light to 24/0 again will that put them back into veggie state?

  9. Yes

  10. The pics are super blurry, but pic 3 looks like a male to me.
  11. there is a few that look like male/females they have the little balls but they are producing bud ive been told they are hermaphrodite which i think means seeds will be in the buds is this right and if they are hermies what should i do keep them with the females or move them
  12. move um b4 they get on your good females and make seeds on them!
  13. i know it sounds daft but how far away do they want to be approx cause they are producing buds but i know it will spoil the yeild of my females and make it hermaphrodite but i dont mind picking seeds out if im getting free weed
  14. Maybe. Give it a shot. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if they just kept budding. If it has a little dose of cann. rud. in it, then it just might autoflower and keep going.
  15. Don't keep your males at all unless you have a specific reason for doing so. They need to be far apart to not pollinate -- other end of the house and with good ventilation in between. Pollen is designed to spread in the air, defeating it is a challenge. To keep the males going you would need a separate space with separate lights, separate ventilation. Ideally you would change your clothes after tending to the males before going near the females.

    And you should mind having to pick out seeds. It's not just the picking -- the volume of the bud taken up by seeds could have been all bud. Plus the overall quality can drop when fertilized.
  16. yeh been lookin at them today 6 deffo males i have now snapped them up and the other 6 4 are deffo females not sure about other 2 i am going to put them back on a 18hr cyle and put them back in veggie state hope fully

  17. Can you please take some pictures of this. For years every time I ask someone to give me proof of a Hermie, I always come up short. The word hermie is used way too much here on GC. Please prove me wrong and take some good close-up pics of the hermie. I would be much obliged. Thanks, Matt.
  18. once you reveg you could clone it and have another perfectly good plant to replace the males. PEACE​
  19. sorry mate ive snapped them up and binned them they actually looked more male than hermies so i didnt want to risk the other possible females
  20. as far as obtaing proof of hermies goes, if you are a grower with a little experience, you probably have had hermies in your crop and didnt even know it. Everyone who has smoked, must have come across a few buds in their time that only containes 1 or 2 seeds. This is from a "hermaphrodite" plant. Another tell-tale sign is the tiny yellow flowers that may begin to appear close to harvest - this is a male flower. There are a number of reasons for hermies appearing including stress, strain tendencies etc.
    Think of it like this - when a female plant is budding, its not thinking "Okay, now my boss switched the light cycle to 12/12 - lets get to work so he/she can smoke me" No no no, what it is actually doing is what Mother Nature intends, trying to perpetuate its species by having offspring (seeds) With human intervention, we remove the male plants so our females arent pollinated, and therefore no seeds. As a plants life comes to an end, she is actually thinking this "When the hell am I going to get FUCKED?" (literally) Since it is never going to happen, Mother Nature again steps in, and a hermaphrodite is born.

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