Are my plants flowering healthy???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kushsmokegg, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. My plant is week 3 in flowering and am wondering is it looking right its about 3ft tall in pot, the buds just look kinda small to me but it has a lot of hairs! IMG-1259.JPG IMG-1260.JPG IMG-1261.JPG
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  2. they look ok in color ...but i think you need or needed o re-pot them cuz the pot it is in looks a little on the small size .is the plant from clone or seed ,,,looks very sativa dominant as well ,,,,mac...
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  3. Plant is from seed I got from a bag I had , plant is starting to get purple spots on it but I assume this is because the bud it's from was purple? Also what size pot do you think I should transfer too?
  4. If the bud was purple, it's def normal that the plant has purple on it lol. And a 5 gal pot is fine

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  5. I wouldn't transplant in flower but that's my thoughts. Might as well ride it out.

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  6. i agree mate ,,,i usually wouldnt transplant in flower ,but in this case id try it ,,it would help with the yield a bit as well ....mac..
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  7. How much do you think it'll yield?
  8. you cant really tell how much a plant will yield ,,,its a small plant any way so it wont be a big yield ,,,but at least your gain some experience growing a plant ,,just look after the plant from seed to harvest and you'll be fine,,,,mac,
  9. That plant needs Ca, and P.

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