Are my plants flowering early?

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  1. I’ve been growing here in Northern California for a few years now and I’ve never really experienced anything like this before but I have a crop of females that I’d hardened off and brought outside in late April and they’ve been planted since mid May. I have some leaves dropping a bit, watering should be well balanced but most importantly I have some that to me look to be trying to flower and the days here are nearly 16 hrs long! Any advice or anyone tell me for certainnif that’s what’s going on. I’ll include some pics.

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  2. Brought them out too early. Definitely looks like it went through the stretch. You can bring them out a bit earlier if they are not sexually mature yet...
    Either way they will reveg
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I was hoping to hear that they could revert to veg. I knew I should have waited to bring them out. Most were already showing a few weren’t fully mature. I could tell they were female but hadn’t sprouted any hairs yet. Next time I’ll bring them out before that happens but if I miss the boat and they do show how much later should I wait next season ? Also would it help to give them a good nitro feed to encourage the revert or let them figure it out from the daylight? Don’t want to stress them of course but I wanna do all I can if it’s helpful to get them back on track. Thanks again Ganja gurl
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  4. There is a sun calculator you can look up on Google to tell you exactly how many hours of light you have. You don't want to bring them out before 15 but safer at 15 1/2.
    Also if you start them indoors you want to slowly adjust your light schedule to meet the outdoor lighting.
    You can also use supplemental lighting on them to lengthen the light period or even have them on for 10 to 15 mins at midnight to keep them from flowering.
    As far as adding N. To help bring it back to veg...that Is up to you. I do not know your npk levels you got going I don't want to suggest something that may burn them or the roots.

    It will go back to veg just know that you will lose yield compared to if wouldn't have flowered.
    Don't stress too much it's a very common mistake with many many outdoor growers but now you know and next yr will be better. Good luck ;)
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  5. ThNks again. I started them indoors at an 18/6 but reduced the slight down by 15 minutes per week until I reached 16/8. I brought them out earlier than I wanted to because we ran out of propane for our generator and I couldn’t get a delivery in time so I had to bring them outside. It has been overwhelming at times for me because I went from to gardens that usually did about 150 plants out of to now doing 4 gardens at 280 plants. Even withbirrigation it’s a lot. In the future I’m going to scale back down. My goal was to bring them out closer to the end of May rather than the end of April. Wish that would have worked out. Glad to know that all isn’t lost though. Never experienced an early flowering before; but then again I’ve only been at this for 4 years. Learning more all the time and people like yourself help so so much to keep growing my knowledge on growing. I hope the yield and quality doesn’t take to big of a hit. I think I’ll give them a half strength dose of nitrogen to help them along. Thanks again for the advice.
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  6. No problem at all... lol I had several flower early on me my first couple grows (had no clue what I was doing) lol
    But we live and we learn!
    There is a grower I know in cali that puts a week old seedling into a 800 gallon container the first week of April with no lighting and he pulls 10+ pound monsters from them. By the time they are mature the light is long enough to keep them in veg.
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  7. Wow that’s incredible. Sounds like a genius to me. That’s very inspiring.
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  8. UPDATE PLS?? I’ve made the same mistake I had mine outside mid March they grew vigorously for a month then boom stretching and even sum buds formed. Ik there isn’t much I can do but is it worth the time? IMG_2335.JPG

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