Are my plants far enough along at 7 weeks

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  1. Are my plants far enough along at 7 weeks they are on a 12 on 12 off light cycle for the last week and I’ve been feeding them Bloom A and Bloom B but I do not see much sign of progress flowering. My two autos are doing good and budding but the non autos are not.

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  2. It usually takes about 10 - 14 days for pistils to appear. Have patience. Plants look a lot better when the pics are taken under natural light - hard to determine overall health when everything is blurple.

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Thank you for rn he reply :) they are deep green and very healthy so they seem stretched or so they look normal ? :)
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  5. Yeah ur autos will flower before ur photo period plants,,do u have somewhere besides ur tent to hang n dry ur auto while ur others finish?

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  6. Ya I do just concerned about my other plants is all so they look stretched ?
  7. They are a bit stretchy in my opinion....since you asked...but still, nice job!
  8. The second picture in your line up is a really good illustration for indoor growing. You can see the high light area where your canopy should be. everything below this thin band of light will be larf I clear all this out so the plant can focus its resources on the high light Grade A buds

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