Are my plants a good size for their age? (PICS)

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  1. Hey everyone. This is my very first closet CFL grow. My 3 plants are currently 6.5 weeks old and I just threw them into flower yesterday. I am currently growing under these specs

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    One Gallon Pots
    Veg: 6.5 Weeks
    4 23 Watt daylight CFL
    4 26 Watt Bright white CFL
    1 42 Watt Soft White CFL
    1 26 Watt Daylight CFL
    9 26 Watt Soft White CFL

    I also have an oscillating fan in there for ventilation. Nothing else

    I have them under 12/12 now and have been giving them light Pure blend pro nutes for about a week.

    Just wondering if my plants are a good size for their age and available lighting conditions. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks ( PICS below)

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  2. yes they do...and healthy if i might add..keep it not a fan of CFL'S but those look really nice..
  3. Wow, these look great. Keep us updated on the flowering!
  4. Oh yeah those look good. I'm wondering if you plan on putting them in bigger pots at some point. Also, what strain are we looking at? Are they bagseed? Are you pretty sure these 3 are females? Great job so far, they are coming along well.
  5. fucking garbage, why even post that trash just throw it out
  6. ^sarcastic
  7. Thanks all! And yes they are just random bagseed, my first grow so i didnt want to risk anything. Im not sure right now they are in one gallon pots. Could I flower in a one gallon? Or do I need to buy a 2 or 3 gallon? I posted pics in my other post because I think I see preflowers on two of them and they are looking to me like Male. But I heard that female preflowers can start out looking male. I will post link

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