Are my "mini'me's" done?? pics included...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sugaree323, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. He all, just grew a couple real small autoflowers in a mini grow box. We are now exactly on day 70. Trichs haven't seemed to change in 20 days! Still look pretty clear to me, although as a newby it is kind of hard to tell.

    The weirdest thing is their seems to be new green growth showing up some places on the buds, not sure what that means!

    sorry, i did cut off the dead leaves cause i figured i was close to chopping. I then read that that is a no-no!

    What can you tell from the pics....time to chop?

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  2. I'm not familiar with autoflowers, but to me in that pic the trichomes look frosty to me (could be a bad pic.) If the site says they should be done then I would pull them because it looks done to me. If it says it takes 75 days from start to flower then id let it sit longer. If it says 60-65 id pull for sure.

    Edit: missed your new growth comment that's interesting... not sure what that means
  3. Ha.... These are cool lookin.. :')
  4. They are both listed to be done in about 70 days. I guess giving them another 4-5 would hurt anything?

    Any other thoughts?????

  5. not if you feel the thc isn't done it shouldn't hurt give it a few more days and see if it gets more cloudy
  6. I would cut those man they are finished. You don't want the buds to start drying up. Judging from your pics and their maturity a couple of days wouldn't make a difference in potency, you will just be waiting longer for your pot. are those purple jems?
  7. the yellow tells me they're done

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