ARE MY LOWRYDER 2 & buddah syrup flowering to early?

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  1. sup blades these 3 girls have been under a 150w hps, in FF ocean forest soil, each plant was also provided with its own 23 watt side light (2700k) they are all 24 days old & 4-5inches tall, and showing preflowers my question is will they still grow to be a 1.5-2feet tall? or stay short little runts because flower has begun?

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  2. They will double or triple in size depending on their genetics.
  3. Dope thanks fore youre response! They are from Attitude, autoflowering plants obviously lol. Hyped to get some nice sized greasy flowers in my room.
  4. They can double or triple in size, depending on the plant, but auto flowers would tend not to increase AS much. 2nd week of flower, size will increase.
  5. I'm starting to use some unsulphured molasses with my FF grow big/big bloom/tiger bloom ph 6.7 so I'm hoping that makes for some chunky girls down the round the yonder lol
  6. My lowryder 2 started to pre-flower at 17 days. It ended up being around 21" tall.
  7. I wish i would get my hands on some autoflower seeds from a dispencery. How much did you pay for your seeds? A clone only cost me $10
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    I would most deff stick with the clones from the dispensary for 10$ that's a killer deal, and a pack of three fem lowryders is 42$ not including international shipping.
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    Yeeeea that's what I wanna hear thanks flufffay!
  10. Yea its nice but, when you have restricted space like i have i would feel more comfortable with a lowryder plant knowing it wont get too big. Im still courious to see how big my girls end up.

    Excited to see how your harvest.

  11. Update girls have grown up to 8.5 inches tall and flower sinze in increaseing:) i will continue updates and supply some bud porn peace GC

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