are my lights enough? are my plants healthy?

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  1. hi guys i have got my medical i’m just wondering if i have enough lights, this is a100 plants led 560 luminous i just want them like this for the seedling stage than i will be taking outside. what do u guys think?

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    Sorry buddy those light are crap...
    and with 11 days to its all down hill(June Solstice)
    some good lighting is a must

    good luck
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  3. 100 plants??

    Wow. That's ambitious. Good luck.

    As for the lights. Not near enough for 100 plants
    I see they're really stretching.
    That's from lack of adequate light.

    But you say they're going outside, so just keep
    an eye on them.
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  4. Deffo not enough light....more chance outside.
    Unless you're in the
    I wouldn't even put 1 plants underneath them 3 lights.....
    They will stretch and fall over at the least bit of wind.

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  5. so
    how many more lights would i need?
  6. I agree, you're definitely going to need more light than that to handle all them seedlings. I can already see the leggy plants all over the board. At least get a 4' 4 bulb T5.... or two lol.
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  7. You’d need too many of the lights you have. Look into some t5 fixtures. I’m not sure how big that area is but you’d want enough to cover the entire area. I want you to have lighting directly above every plant so that you can show us all those massive beasts come fall. Amazon has 2 and 4 foot t5 fixtures pretty cheap, could also go to the hardware store and get fixtures and bulbs even cheaper. You seem pretty handy so you’ll make a dope setup.
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  8. Ill be honest... youre trying to grow 100plants but youre asking us wheather youve got enough lighting when its clear for even you too see that you havent.

    Dude im not being negative, i just think you dont quite know what youre trying to get yourself into here. Scale back, learn how to grow healthy great yielding plants with good bud before you try to walk on this stage.

    Just being honest.
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  9. Medical card or not between city , county , state and federal laws 100 plants is a bust. If i had a dollar for every time ive heard someone say " you can grow 99 plants no issues" , even in California that was never the case. My first grow I figured my grow setup was pretty safe ( 2nd floor balcony not viewable by neighbors or the street ) I ran a 10 foot by 6 foot scrog to keep the canopy low with 5 plants. 5 weeks into flower I wake up one morning to the sound of low flying helicopters. So I looked out and see 1 police helicopter and the I see CBS, NBC and Fox news helicopters also just hovering and circling for the next 45 minutes. Turns out there was a cop shooting a block from my house . Guarantee all 4 of those helicopters saw my grow. Technically I was state legal but not city legal because the city banned outdoor cultivation. Also the number of times I heard and saw a damn drone flying by was more than I enjoyed. Then the smell friends would tell me they could smell the 5 plants walking up. Then you have to worry about rippers .... im telling you that many plants is asking for trouble.
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  10. Hope you dont have a full time job !
    Even half of those 100 will keep you busy.
    But a 4ft t5 or good led lights

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  11. So I don't know if you really thought this through but you have a hundred cups there that are going to need a lot of love and care and pretty much will become a full-time job to do right plus you're going to need tons of soil and pots or places to plant in the dirt. I agree with the other growers you should start off smaller and learn to grow it first. I don't know if you realize that if you'd have done that correctly and planted those in the beginning parts of spring you possibly could have half pound to pound yielding plants by the time we're done flowering so do the math can you handle all that if it was done correctly or if the grow went well and most of them finished. I wish you the best of luck but I think without a warehouse and the correct lighting and air flow that's going to be very difficult especially because you don't have a lighting.

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  12. On a positive note , all from seed and you have 100 sprouts so congrats on a great germination success
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