Are My LED Lights Too Close ?

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    Do you think these LED's are too close to my scrog ?, I have them about 2-3 inches from the top, Of course I want to maximize the lighting to the best advantage. Thanks

  2. It seems that the consensus from google searches is that they should be mounted at a minimum of 12", so this is where I will start the 12/12 cycle
  3. If the temp isn't too high, and you're getting as much coverage as you want, they should be fine that close. I keep mine at about 10" away so I can have enough light to reach each plant.

    Whats the specs on your set up here? How many lights? What brand? How many watts?
  4. The manufacturer (Chinese) says 12 watt each, But I think there about 9watt, I'm drawing 360 watts total for 40 of these grow lights that I hacked

    There are more pictures in my signature

  5. Nice looking scrog :)

    LED's will bleach bud's when they are too close, I'd def start off farther away and slowly bring them down. Watch the tops!
  6. Thanks I was search and I seen that most LED manufacturers recommend 12 inch minimum, so I started there. Maybe my imagination, but after a few hours with the ligts raised, they look like there stretching :confused:
  7. Well you said they are China LED's, right? My guess is they are not very good, as most LED's are not. I'd go with what you're seeing.
  8. Well.......If this project fails, ....I'm growing basil :D
  9. I think it's a pretty cool setup you've got going and am definitely interested to see the results. Hope you keep us update. Best of luck! :D
  10. Thank You.....I used this setup early this year (without co2 and without the led's) , I had stalks shooting out of the 3 inch pvc piping that were 4 1/2 feet tall, using (24) 100 watt cfl's (not a scrog), This is my first attempt at a scrog.

    My hope is that the LEDS by condensing the light with 40 lamps will out perform the CFL in final weight
  11. in my grow the lights are about 5 inches away maybe less.

    if they arent hot to the touch, you can put them as close as you want.

    and ive NEVER seen an led bleach a bud.

    also thats a SICK roof of LED's

    mind sharing your awesome details?
  12. LED's definitely bleach bud's when too close. I have seen it in many grow threads. If you want to see what it looks like just google it up and go to pictures.
  13. Sure, just check out my signature, I went over many revisions, but in the end you'll see what it looks like now.

  14. just about EVERY led is made in china, regardless of brand.

    what matters is if the lights are 1w, 2w, or 3w LED's.
  15. Sure and the angles matter too, wasn't trying to get technical. Was basing it off looks, they don't look like quality manufactured NAME BRAND units.
  16. I don't think those are too close. I run two 240w Blackstar lights, and I get them down a couple inches away from the plants. I haven't seen any bleaching, and I've had my lights touching the fixture. I also have a fan causing my leaves to move, thus preventing any single beam of light focusing on one spot for too long.

    If it seems like your plants are doing okay, then keep em there! Nice job. I've seen these lights on ebay, but never thought to give em a try! I'm interested in seeing how they work.

    Note: I think the 12" mounting distance is to help the light spread over a larger area, below. Clearly, you don't have that issue... =)
  17. Thanks ......I will play around with the distance, I was hoping for a wee bit of stretching so that I can spread a few more branches
  18. I tried it raised (12 inches) for a few days and decided to go back to 3 inches above, I have full coverage over the 2x3 area and the light is much more intense

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