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are my leaves looking droopy?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by ANTIsoBURR, Oct 21, 2010.

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    hey everyone, i really need some experienced growers to look at my plant. shes looking kinda of droopy so im not sure if theres anything wrong. shes exacly 6 weeks old in 2 days and i feel like my girl is growing really slow. i wanna change to the flower cycle at the start of week 7 but like i said shes growing slow and i dontt know if theres something wrong with her. (assuming shes actually a she :)) please help me out

    2 100 watt cfls soft whites in 10in light reflecters
    miracle grow 6 month continuous feed potting soil (already know BIG MISTAKE)
    1 fan

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    I'm guessing light is the problem, but its my first grow too. They look stunted for some reason.

    If this link works you can see what day 25 looked like for me.

    This was with a 16w LED growpanle, foxfarm soul, and Aurora Soul Synthetic nutes....but at that time I am pretty sure I was not feeding any nutes at all....maybe just the Soul Synthetics Grow-N (Nitrogen and trace calcium only).


    My plants all droop a decent bit after watering. After good and wet, wait 2 or maybe 3 days and see if they don't lift to the light, then water them good again.

    If they are yellowing at all, find a good nitrogen supplement first.
  3. nah there not yellowing but the just looking really droppy. i cant add nutes yet do to the soil(nutes already in it up to 6 months) and the fact that i dont have any ha. and yea im not sure if i should add more light but i could if everyone thinks im lacking it. i just want my plant to grow faster and get bigger so i can start to flowering. and how should i fix the stunted growth?
  4. I know it takes longer than you'd ever want, but patience is the key (and I am NO good at it). :p

    Still I planted Aug 25th, and really doubt if I will flower before Oct 25.

    Then I gotta flower like 8-10 weeks. Then take a week or two to harvest and cure.

    My goal in the beginning was to grow enough to sustain personal use for the next try, for me that is 4 ounces of dank.

    Just depends on your expectations really, and of course $ to spend, and willigness to read up on how to make the most of what you have.

    If its bagseed that can really be another challenge, because no matter how good your lighting or soil or nutes--seeds can only, at the most, fulfill their genetic codes.

    Just my 2 cents. Someone with experience using CFL's maybe could say if your plants are growing at the right rate for whatcha got.

  5. Dunno what you are vegging for 2 months. Hopefully a plant with short genetics, or you will have an 8 foot tall tree for an indoor grow.
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    Veggin until pre-flowers show through a 30X loupe. The White Castle is showing strong indica and amazingly medusa-thick in bushiness and no way will grow more than 3-4 feet much less 8.

    The White Widow has me watching things closer, but with LST I'm not worrying right now.

    Longer veg = more bud sites is my thought, but who knows the Widow could bite me in the butt. If so I lose one plant out of 6 and will still get my goals accomplished.

    With feminized seeds, my understanding is that if you force them to flower way before they are ready you gain a chance of hermaphrodites.

    I would bet I have a couple months before things are crazy crowded and a 7' tent is in the plans already. Just gotta have the $$. Tends to solve all problems. ;)
  7. It looks to me like light is your biggest issue right now. You say you're using two 100 watt CFL's. Is that 100 actual watts or incandescent equivalent watts? How big is your grow space?

  8. Yea im not sure if there 100 watts or equivalents but i feel like i should just add more light just to be safe. but my grow space varys with the size of my plant and what i mean by that is that i have two pieces of wood that are covered with foil for the sides of my space and they can be widened with the growth of my plant and there propped up against an all white wall in my closet which makes a box shape without a top( lights are hanging in its spot), and a front ( for easy ventilation) and my pot is just sitting the shelf.
  9. you definitly need more light but more for the sides that's why you have no real growth on the bottom. foil is alright but mylar is better also you don't need ir on the bottom.I also used MG and I'm reusing it again after I grew AK47 you don't need to use nutes but you can use other things that need to be added like molasses, epson salt and calcium boron iron and a few others. If you have a walmart or other discount store you can get some superthrive, good through out the grow has a lot of vitamins that aren't in the other stuff. People swear about MG but mind greww like you wouldn't belive and i only had a 100 cfl and 1 40 2700k bulb and grew a little close to 2oz/I know it's small but was the first time and limited funds,but learned alot hopefully you will to . KEEP GROWING:smoke:
  10. ANTIsoBURR, you need at least 50 actual watts of CFL per square foot of grow space.
  11. Hmmm. Looks kinda like your ph is off a little.

    I would consider flushing your plant with 3 times your pot size ph balanced water. preferably RO water but if you you cant get that then use tap water that has sat out for 24hrs.

    Be sure to balance your water at 6.8

    I would do this even if there isnt a ph problem. It will help wash out all the crap in you MG soil.

    Maybe top dress with dolomite lime after your soil dries a out a bit. Them water again with ph'd water. Good Luck.

    If you do this now it will prevent it from getting worse. Act fast as flushing will not hurt your plant anyways.:smoke:
  12. Yeah you definitely need more light dude. If you don't know if it was 100watt eq or not, more than likely it's not. Those bulbs cost like 30 each I think.

    I say go to Lowes, grab some Y splitters (like 2 bucks each) and a couple 4-pack CFLs with 26watt (unless they carry some that have more wattage). Attach the Y splitters so that you can have 4 bulbs in one fixture (you may have to take the reflector off). Then it would be nice to hang a couple CFLs so that the whole plant gets light. Those bottom leaves look like they're starving for it...

  13. He only has 1 plant. He'll be fine until she gets bigger. He needs to look into his ph run off or just do as I said earlier and flush her. The leaf tips pointing down are a tale tale sign of ph imbalance. Next thing you'll see if this persists is a mag deficiency which includes small brown necrotic spots thoughout the fan leaves.

    Not trying to say your lighting isnt a problem. Im just saying that it is not your current issue. good luck.
  14. A 23 watt CFL is 100 watts equivalent.

    So, yeah man you need more light.

    Step up to an HPS/ MH system, you know you want to! And for around $150 you can :)

  15. Do you really think thats why his perfectly healthy green fan leaf tips are pointing down?

    He does need more light but that is not at all why he is having a decrease in growth and his leaf tips are pointing down.
  16. how close are the lights to the plants first of? and how much are you watering them your watering cycle? you could be over watering or under watering.

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