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are my joints good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shoeeeeeesss, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, I just started rolling joints and I just wanted to ask you guys if these are good. thanks

  2. I've seen much worse from a noob. Look like fatties too. Enjoy man.
  3. well if you dont have arthritis or anything like that i assume your joints are fine :confused_2:

    just kidding yeah they look good man, and your rolling will only get better with more experience.
  4. They look too thick and short for me, but I like mine skinny.

    You sure you didn't use up too much paper twisting it on the end?
  5. Not the greatest rolls but they are fat ass jays.

    Good job man.

    Although a tip if your interested that I use is not twist the top but fold it over if you have enough spare paper. Gets it going nice,
  6. thanks and Im going to use your tip next time. thanks guys.
  7. They look like Michael J. Fox rolled them.
  8. they look good...but if they are rolled too loose they will not burn right...
  9. The one on the far right is the best.
  10. Yeah, the one on the right is how'd I'd lean towards rolling your joints from now on. They all look good for a noob like someone posted earlier. Nothing to be ashamed of if you're wondering about bringing them around people
  11. make them longer instead of short n thick, it will taste a lot better unless thats your prefrence, imo cones are the better roll
  12. Yeah like everyone is saying, tight n long. yours are nice, but maybe a lil too fat ahah, but you'll only get better.
  13. It all depends what you have rolled in them...looks like some kush from here. They are nicely rolled though.
  14. i find twisting the tops affects the burn sometimes i tend not to twist them if i can help it
  15. You must come over and let me smoke them to judge.
  16. look like tampons

  17. Yeah man, I hate when I have more amounts of dank in my joints. Who likes smoking a lot of weed?

    And the paper twisting, you can make it tighter if you keep on twistin it down if you're rolling loose
  18. Lol you can tell what kind of pot he has rolled by looking at that picture? hats off...

    One on the right is nicest, try rolling the "filter" smaller and tighter similarly to one on the right.
    Also lay the pot in the paper the shape you want to your joint, as you roll it tight it should keep a nice shape.
    Overall an excellent start, practice, practice, practice
  19. looks pretty good bro. Packed pretty well (not too tight or loose for the type of weed you're using) and pretty fat. Filters look good... I usually make 'em a bit smaller but that doesn't really matter tbh. Only advice I'd give which will come in time is work a bit on the aesthetics like keeping it totally straight and uniform if you're just rolling a nice fatty or putting some shape (ie. a cone) if you want to design it but making sure that the dimensions and all that are still all even. After a while they'll just roll themselves.

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