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Are my joint rolling skills good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Delusional K, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Yfrog

    just some shake, not cut up or anything but probably B grade weed, or like 80's weed

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  2. im gonna go ahead and say you should work on your skills
  3. That orange thing is a really long filter type thing(cardboard lol)
  4. yo as long as it burns slow and even its a good J, cant really tell that from a pic. let us know after its gone
  5. hmm tbh its not really good, but if you keep at it and try to spread your weed out more evenly and actualy roll not flip on a few more practice trys i garantee you that you will be great in no time. but good luck and let us know how it smokes :smoking:
  6. Nah sorry to be harsh lad but you definitely need a lot of work on your technique. You seem to be using small papers which are definitely not reccommended for joint rolling, unless you just want a mini that tops you up in stoned. The roach you're using is huge and I think that's where a lot of the problem lies. You seem to be wrapping it clumsily around the shockingly big roach instead of crafting a small, tidy roach and rolling neatly and skillfully. Next time I'd definitely use a smaller roach and use kingsize papers, keep practising using only tobacco or devils herb to improve your skills, and you'll get a lot better in no time at all. Then when you roll with weed you'll be great. In Europe we put tobacco in our joints because the nicotine buzz with the stoned is immense and it makes it smoke a lot smoother than just pure weed. Here's a joint I knocked up a while back using two kingsize papers to make an L.



    ^Perhaps the pic doesn't do it justice as it was taken while the spliff was still in the joey station. But it was mighty big and got me absolutely obliterated as I smoked it all to myself. Needless to say, I didn't need to smoke again that night :p
  7. That is one of the worst joints ive ever seen ha ha no offence or anything just practice practice practice
  8. He's right, it's not a very good joint. Look up "dailysmoker" on Youtube and you will see some grade-a tutorials on improving your joint rolling skills. Nice try though, i'll give you one thing, that bifter looks well packed. Gonna smoke that whole thing to yourself?
  9. haha man right on. i basicaly learned how to roll from dailysmoker. he has alot of talent and deffinitly the right guy to watch roll.
  10. Yeah if me and my friends put in on a joint and I rolled something like that they probably wouldn't hang out with me anymore.
  11. Looks nice an fat, just lumpy. Make sure there is an even amount of bud throughout the entire J
  12. Yea cuz when there isnt a even amount it tends to canoe (burn down one side)
    Or burn faster and smoke harsher.
  13. It's actually not that bad. Especially if it wasn't grounded up weed in there.

    Check out my sig for an easy way to roll joints. Lots of pics and info that you can use for rolling!

  14. its not bad, i mean if your questioning your skills you obviously arent that great, but as everybody says practice. instead of just going for a big joint try and roll a perfectly straight one, if you fail tear it open and try again. then after that move to rolling big cones. trust me good joints impress people....

    i love the fact that you use a kruch though, i wont smoke a joint without one:smoking:
  15. sorry man, keep practicing.
  16. looks like shit, but who cares, its a joint!!! smoke that shit!!
  17. It's a bit fat around the middle :rolleyes: But I'm guessing you can smoke it :smoking:
  18. Ew far too loose i'm afraid. Make it tighter and neater and it will look about a bajillion times more impressive. Especially if you dont want to appear new to smoking and you roll something like that...;)
  19. Looks is one thing, performance is another. The latter being far more important. From looking at that Joint, it is fat, which is good, but it has no constant shape, meaning the weed isn't spread throughout evenly. In that case what will happen is it will just burn up the paper and scorch some of your weed. The weed should be broken up and stems and seeds need to be removed.

    Break it up, spread it evenly, roll it as even as possible and then take a piece of paper about the size of a dollar bill, (don't use a dollar, those things are filthy) place the joint in the paper so that the paper loops around joint and the ends of the paper touch. Now move the paper together, putting a little pressure on the joint. This will help you to even out the joint after it has been rolled and when I was a noob, it helped me a lot.

    Keep rollin man:smoking:
  20. yeah, really spread it out evenly and roll it back and forth into a nice cylinder before you actually proceed to roll it. you can pretty much tell how nice the joint is going to look from how tightly compact you've got it and how evenly it's spread.

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