Are my clones getting to much light? 6k lux

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    My clones leaves are turning kinda yellow and pale it's been almost a week since I cut them and I've ran my t5 24/7 at the top of the tent its reading around 6k lux

    20190617_100003.jpg 20190617_095944.jpg Screenshot_20190617-100044_Light Meter.jpg
  2. yes to much light . the less the better you only trying to form roots here. its ok to use a t5 but raise it up will say 5 feet
    trim the bottom branches off those clones next run clip the leaves so there smaller .
    suggest you watch you tube how to prep clones . you made a few mistakes
  3. It's at the top of the tent I might be able to raise it a tiny bit more but that's as low as I can turn them to I guess I could unscrew two bulbs so only 2 are on
  4. 6000 lux should be fine for sprouts. The sun puts out over 100,000 lux.
    Those plants look hungry to me.
  5. Well they're in an aero cloner it says not to add anything but water I dont know what I keep doing wrong
  6. just 1 is enough
  7. use 1 bulb . like i was saying hit you tube educate your self .
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  8. Well from what I've gathered 5 to 7k lux is sufficient for clones but I'm new so I wanted some input
  9. really there is no need for a dedicated light. the light you use for your self is enough to clone . cant be shady but bright enough so you can read . not sure the lux .. if you want suggest buying a purple led from ebay 100 % purple cheap 25 dollar light . what i use works the best for the rooting process
    your looking for this but purple in color .225 Ultrathin LED Grow Panel Light SMD Plant Lamp All Red Hydro Garden Lighting | eBay
    i kid you not it really makes them root very fast
  10. So an hlg 65 would work you think?
  11. again to much lighting . put it this way if your doing 50 clones i suggest no more then 45 watts .
  12. one t5 bulb raised high as possible will work. t5 are good lighting
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  13. Ok theres one 4 foot bulb on them now running just over 2k lux it's stable about 2300
  14. Will that help them root better since they're not feeding as much then cause i dont see any root yet and it's almost been a week
  15. 14 days should be ready to plant . yes it will make them root better . see if the light is strong they want to grow using up stored nutients turns them yellow then they starve and dye. weak lighting just take a rest and concentrate on forming roots . also keep your temps under 70f ... best is 62 to 69
  16. I can try I think itll be right around 70 now with only one light I was thinking of moving them under the skylight but it only gets a couple hundred lux where they'd be and I'm worried I'll come over and they'd started stretching. They're kept in guest house so I dont have a constant eye on them sometimes I let them go for a couple days without a checkup
  17. really no need to worry about stretch wile cloning . keep us posted in a few days might be better to double down on you clones cut new ones keep the ones that look the best can always toss them out .
  18. I didnt have much choice I didnt want to take to much from the girls into them from they had a rough start and are finally getting to be big I'm just trying to practice so I can grow indoors I have a really nice setup and need to put it to use just a total n00b with some extra cash
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  19. You do not need to trim off leaves in aeroponics — only do that when you are propagating in a nursery flat with a humidity dome.

    In aeroponics, you want to take huge cuttings because you get an added benefit when aero cloning: once the cuttings root, they pretty much go directly into veg whereas in rockwool or peat plugs, it takes much longer for the roots to establish and for the plant to find nutrients and begin to show new topside growth. If I were you, I would use only 1x T5 light. If your T5 has more than one bulb, take all out except for one. 24” - 36” from the top of your cuttings is fine. This is what I do in my commercial grow.

    I have 8 aero cloners at work and they all have very large cuttings in them. Do not remove the leaves, and do not clip the tips of your fan leaves.

    If your leaves are yellowing out, then your light is too intense. T8s and T12s work better with aero cloners IMO



    This is at 14 days.


    15 days (different cloner)


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  20. Do NOT use LED for propagation with an aero cloner. Waste of time. The light is waaaaaaaay too intense. It will work fine for cloning in a flat with a dome but not for aero.

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