Are my Buds ready???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mulli_melli, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. My outdoor plants have been budding for around a month now. This is great of course, I'm stoked to get to this stage, but what do I do now?

    How do I know when the buds are ready??

    Some of the white hairs are going brown, and around the base of the plant leaves are turning yellow and dropping off.
    The crown is huge compared to the lower branches. I think the lower half of the plant is lacking sun cause the buds are 1/3 of the size compared to higher levels. (plant is 6foot in height)

    I know how to dry the buds out, I'm just not sure when to harvest. Is there a easy way to know??

  2. I have read as the general rule of thumb to harvest when around 60-80% of your pistels have changed from white to red/brown (like you were talking about)

    I've read but never tested out myself that:

    if u harvest a bit early, you get more of a cerebral high, more energy kinda high

    if u harvest later (letting more turn colour) then you get a heavier, stupider high

    So I guess another week or so then. Bummer...I'm hangin' out to try my first ever home grown smoke!!

    Thanks again. Now I feel like I semi know what I'm doing!
  4. my question is related to this really, so i'm gonna stick it on this thread.

    I've been flowering under lights for a month and a bit now, and like mulli melli the 'pistels?' are just starting to go brown. I need to know if this is a good time to go to clean water and stop fertilising. I have heard they need 2 weeks of clean water before harvest?

    Also can someone confirm what Justchill said about early harvest giving a different high, or is it just not as potent?

    I'm really jealous of outdoor growers, i'd love to be able to grow the trees i have only ever seen in photos. Its f****in' snowing here at the moment!
  5. Yeah I know what you mean.

    This is the page where I read about the pistles changing
    it is a REALLY good grow guide I suggest everyone read if they haven't =)

    Mellow Gold

    Hope that link worked, dont do HTML much any more =)

    Look under HARVESTING AND DRYING and you will find what you need in the first paragraph or two

    HOpe that helps
  6. lol...CRITTER......We actually made a pack with each other not to touch the plants til they are ready. Knowing us, once we start it would be 'snip,snip' all the time and we would never know how the plant would of turned out!!

    Maybe this weekend we'll give it a try! :)

    I just cut off a whole heap of fan leaves, see if I can get some light down the bottom of the plant. They are hidden between the shed and the fence and they get f*ck all light as it is. I'd love to sit them out in the middle of lawn for a good dose of sunshine! But it's impossible at this house.

    Yes BISH, I read in another link ( that you can get different high's depending on when you harvest. Spun out eh? I never knew that either..

    I've never seen snow. But I tell ya, I'd trade the stress of having outdoor plants, to experience the joy of seeing snow fall!!! Now that would be a high for me!! :)
  7. Thanks justchill, I knew i saw that some where but couldn't find it. (and i wasn't stoned) confirmed my mixing of the nutes for my bb. thanks again now i iknow i'm on the right track
  8. no problemo
    thats the first site a read when I started =)/.... beggining to end in one session (well more than one session of MJ).
  9. I would trade places with you for a day if you wanted Mulli.
    We have(had) plenty of snow this year. i say had 'cause we got dumped on with a foot of snow this monday and it melted today. That's the joy of lake effect snow, it plays peek-a-boo with you. Buffalo gets it worse than we do though. they are at the end of the lake, when the wind wips that cold air over the warm lake its a snow maker.

    Any6ways sorry to jump in on you thread But i been lookin for that nute info and was too stupid to ask someone.
  10. That's cool mate, you can jump in on any my threads anytime. It's all free info and we all do better with it.

    I always sound like a dick. Asking dumb questions constantly!! But I don't care, I've learnt heaps, and now I have buds and it's all thanks to Grasscity members pointing me in the right direction or supplying the info I need.


    Sounds like we at opposite ends of the world Zig864. It's 35 degrees today. No wind, rain or snow here, just burning hot UV rays pumping down on us. Dog is panting, cat is sprawled out on the shaded concrete, baby is just in a nappy, can't do anything with out breaking a sweat. Can't walk outside without sunnies and my feet always burn on the red paving. Oh yes, snow would be a dream....or I could just jump in that lake you were talking about. That'll cool me off eh?!!
  11. with ya mulli,vbs are are going down mughty nice right now:).
  12. you got that right m.m., not to sure but the Lake erie is probably in the 40s right now. As you well know it's not a small lake so it takes a long cold spell to cool it. The kind that NW pa hasn't had in a few years, hell I can't remember the last time it froze over enough to walk to Canada. I think it was probably in the 80s, i would have to check the Farmers Almanac to be sure though. Anyhow I am a summer person for the most part ours aren't as hot as your "Island"(and a nice one it is) gets, but we do have our fair share of 90 deg. weather.
  13. No need to rub it in mulli melli. I got back from spending a few years down under 5 months ago (NSW). Not allowed back for 5 years now. So I'd definately trade places with you. Snow isn't that great anyway.
    Have a tinny in the sun for me mate.
  14. Have tried some of my buds and I'm feeling pretty damn good. It's a nice high too. I'm really happy with it.

    Tonight is the big night!! We are harvesting!!! :)

    Well we are going to bring one plant in and leave the other for a bit longer. It was a week younger anyway! It's all happening here.

    Have six seedlings on the go and a grow box being made right now. I'm over outdoor, I'm looking forward to having a go at hydro's. Yee-har!

  15. Tasted some of mine tonight , not bud just enough leaves for a couple of bowls. Tastes good, harsh due to the quick dry, got a decent buzz for leaves only thouugh. Can't wait until my harvest day
  16. Yeah, I dried mine out quick too. Just snipped a small bud off the bottom of the plant to have a taste.

    I had a smoke of some leaves a few days ago, and I got smashed. I was so surprised cause I hate leaf and it normally just gives me a headache.

    It's so much fun growing, and then to smoke your own home grown weed. It's the coolest!! :)
  17. hope harvest went well mate, i cut mine down at the weekend. Didn't get as much as i hoped but it'll keep me going until next harvest in 4 months! I'm still a newbie but thanks to grasscity i know where i went wrong

    I know what you mean about paying for MJ, when you know how easy it is to grow it makes me feel a bit dumb for all the cash i have spent in the past!! And growing is great fun. The smoke tastes sweeter if you know all the work and effort that goes into it. People started to think i was insane cos i'd spend hours locked in the grow-room talking to plants.
  18. It is HEAPS of fun! We have one girl hanging upside down in a cupboard. We soaked her roots in hot water with brown sugar, dad in law suggested it! It's been about 4 hours now, so far so good. Now we have to wait....

    Got photo's! :)

    I feel so releived that I don't have to worry about cash for awhile. Why didn't I take the time to do this before? Damn it!!

    I feel pretty smashed at the moment. I'm stoked, I'm happy, I've got BUDS! YEE-HAR.. :)
  19. Your father-in-law's suggestion is a good one! I was just reading about growers that let their plants go without water for 1 1/2 times the length they usually water. Then they water them with apple juice, pineapple juice, etc...About 4-5 hours later they cut them down. By then the roots have already soaked up enough liquid to get to the tops, but early enough to prevent it from decomposing the juice.

    I bet those buds will taste great. Congrats!:smoke:

    BTW...the longer you cure it the more potent and strong the smoke will be! So the longer your patience holds out; the better the smoke will be.
  20. Enjoy it to the fullest man, not hard to do though when you know it's your own smoke. Almost like building a house or something grand like that. Except when your done with the harvest and cure you get to smoke it. Can't smoke no house(legally).

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