are my Black Jack Autos ready? :)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by amnesiakush, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Need some information basicly, they are 64 days old. outdoor. fertlizer used. have been giving it pure water for last few days? need quick info. thanks. :)

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  2. Not yet from the looks of it. I'd say they need another 2 weeks at least. Have you done a trichome check? See how many cloudy or Amber ones you have. Go for about 80% cloudy and a few amber. Those pistils are still quite white and under developed, and the buds look like they'll still fatten up some. Interesting looking strain btw.

  3. Just the info I need :) Yeah I done a Trichome check everythings cool Ima just leave it a few more days while giving it pure water and I should end up with some nice bud :) Ill post a few pics up when it is done :) thanks
  4. 64 days into flowering or from seed?
  5. its now looking even nicer! shame the camera is not here my friends took it out last night and they have not came home yet. I will put another one up later. ill try get the most decent photo I can :)
  6. Yeah, they still have some growing to do from what I could tell.
  7. Give it some more time. You didn't say what the trichomes looked like but those buds should fatten up a little more before you chop.
  8. Ive had to chop.. seed started to produce and I cannot be bothered with it lol. weird grow but Ive got 5-6 nice looking buds. probably about 15-20gram dry weight. lol :) thanks anyway guys.
  9. My next grow is going to be Afghan Kush Ryder Auto :) I may do a diary not to sure yet.

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