Are my autos growing well?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a newbie when it comes to cultivating and this is my first attempt with 2 autos (Amnesia haze).

    Plant n1 is indoor under a DIY "light", while plant n2 is outdoors. I wanted to try both to see if what works better.

    The two plants are both on day 20 but look way different (indoor is taller and outdoor is bushier) and I was wondering whether they're growing well or not. Maybe I should move the indoor one outside as well.

    Are they too little for day 20?

    1503250290790.jpg 1503250297533.jpg 1503250310013.jpg 1503250317248.jpg

    Thank you for your help
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  2. Wow, yours are way bigger.
    I knew they weren't doing super great. What should I do?

    The one outdoors is receiving plenty of light, wind and water plus the soil is rich in nitrogen, I don't understand why is still so small.
  3. I'm also on my first grow. So don't take this as expert advice. Here are my autos at day 21. I use t5 lights. And I'm using 5 gallon buckets. That makes a huge difference on which size pot you usen. Especially with autos because of their long tap root. And with autos you need at least 18 hrs of light everyday. I run mine 21 on 3 off. Lots of ppl run 24/7. Also I'm using fox farm ocean forest soil.[​IMG]

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  4. I wouldn't bother transplanting an auto either. It will severely stunt the growth is what I've always heard. I know ppl do though. Like I said. I'm inexperienced.

    Your plants do look healthy though. I would start low stress training and give them more light. Maybe get someone else's opinion on transplanting into something bigger and better medium.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm doing everything on a budget, and I think the problem is the light I'm using. It was a DIY with some LED strips, they look pretty powerful but probably not enough. It has always been on a 18/6 schedule, though.

    I don't get why the one outdoors is not growing though. Im in Italy and there's plenty of sun here.

    As for the pots the one outdoors is not super big but I may transplant it if necessary (even though some people don't reccoment it for autos)
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  6. Something does not look right with soil or pot drainage. Hours light is the soil? Looks a little dense to me. Also are you PH correcting the water?

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    Thank you for replying dude.

    The soil should be decent. It was the most airy I could find, rich in nitrogen. But I don't really know ahah. I wasn't able to find perlite where I live.

    The indoor is receiving 18/6 of light
    And the outdoors something like 14 hours but pretty intense.

    I've never checked or corrected the pH, i don't have the tools. Is it crucial?

    Also what could I do to improve the situation? Just let them be and see how it goes?
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  9. Hmm alright.

    Aeration in soil is very important, hellos the root expand etc. A good measure of how light the soil is would be to fill up a pot with it and let out go complete dry, it should be extremely light, if it feels heavy, it's not right, the heavier the worse, in absence of perlite in type area, you should improvise. Landscaping gravel, basically tiny stones might work. Again I'm only guessing, IDK for certain.

    PH is very important. It should not be difficult to find PH meter on the cheap. The simplest would be litmus paper, then we have liquid drops or a digital meter, the Amazon/ eBay of your country should have them and not much money either.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
  10. Mmh yeah it's pretty light, it has some little stones in it.

    Anyway I'm going to find a way to correct the pH. Does it make any difference if I use bottled water or rain water? Would I still need to check the pH?

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  11. For day 20 I would say they are kinda small..they will probably not be very big...I had a couple get stunted I guess some how and are right at a foot tall and Flowering already. The other 2 are nice and big! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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