Are My 2 Plant Ready To Harvest? [Pics]

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  1. week 5 1/2 into flowering 320watts of light CFL's are these ready to harvest? please let me know thanks i dont want to flower for to long and ruin them thanks * MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT BOTH PLANTS**
    PLANT 1
    Top Cola
    Half way down the plant
    2nd Plant
    Top Cola:
    Half Way down plant 2

  2. Pretty dang close if not done :p. Those are some tasty looking buds!
  3. I would say almost done. Wait till the trichs start turning amber thats the sweet spot
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    What strain are they? It always helps to know the strain and what the recommended photoperiod is. Unless its an auto, I would think your looking at 8weeks of bloom at minimum. During the last two weeks of bloom,  you get all the weight, so if you cut it short your harvest will be minimal. Assuming its an 8 week cycle for these girls, you'll need to start the finisher at week 6, cut the nutes down to half, and start using the scope to check the trics...
  5. no idea there bag seeds and everyone says to lave them go for a few weeks longer so they can fat up but i dont know if they will since i only have 320 watts of light :/
  6. any one have input if there ready to harvest? i dont want to wait to long so they get THC burn :(
  7. i would wait another week or two, i just pulled my last plant out a few days ago and the main cola was almost 60 grams. im sure had i pulled it when i planned it would be much less. i know the anticipation is killer....
  8. are you sure they will get any bigger since i only have 320 watts of light? :/
  9. Bro be patient, they def are not over done, still look a little under developed. Measure and wait a week, if they got bigger wait another week..
  10. yes i agree wait it out you wont regret it
  11. ive got also a bagseed growing that looks just like urs (strain wise) . Im almost on week 10 of flowering now so if ure only on week 5 n half u need to wait it out at least another 3-4 weeks , 
  12. are you guys sure? people are saying to harvest now since i only got 320 watts of light and thats the biggest there going to get :/ please let me know thanks
  13. i think they could do with another week or two personally, put it this way if you check it everyday and the plant seems to be in no distress you don't need to worry about thc burn, however it might be a worthwhile investment getting and macro lens to check out the trichomes, see if they are cloudy or not.
    keep us updated and enjoy :bongin:
  14. 7-8 weeks minimum pal, if they have only had 5 1/2 then defo 2 weeks more
  15. where can i get a good jewler loop? i look at  radio shack and walmart today and they didnt have a x30 :( please help
  16. You can order a x60 off ebay for £3-£4 ($5~) Im currently during my first grow but I am going to harvest on the first signs of amber trichomes :)
    Hope that helps.
  17. whom r these people u speak of ?
    And why would it matter how many watts ?
    Its a standard thing , the amount of weeks for flowering its per strain not per watts. 
    Minimum is 8 weeks for any strain, (even strains that say 45-55 days its really 60-70 unless the strain is auto) 
  18. why would u want to do that ?
    Harvest on the first signs of amber trichomes? 
    I think u should read up some more , u will get a energetic high not full body high if most of the hairs are still cloudy, if u want a relaxed high u want until 80% are amber.
    Heres what i suggest u do , If u want to try out ur plant take a bud off , dry it in a box for 3-4 days smoke it , u like the high it gives u harvest, u dont wait another week and do it again , 
    there is many of times where i take the kola buds off and smoke them after 5-6 weeks of flowering (when i run out of smoke) and then let the plant keep flowering for another 2-4weeks depending on strain .
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  20. you harvest if u want people are giving you the right advise and you dont seem to wanna hear it, no way is it ready at 5 or 6 weeks your lack of light will mean more time not less.... I bet you ask the same question again. Cut em down if u want, if you wanna grow better bud and learn then read and wait, pheew

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