Are most stoners athiest?

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  1. Nope I'm a catholic
  2. That doesn't make sense to you? I know perfectly well there are intelligent people that are religious, but really education is why I stopped believing. I never took a college level astronomy or anthropology class before, so I never really understood the alternative. After my freshmen year in college I was like, wow maybe there isn't a god. By the end of sophomore year I became pretty certain that there was no god. We'll see what happens at the end of junior year, it's progressively getting worse. :laughing:
  3. I mean, of course the bible can be disproved. That doesn't stop me from believing. I just have this hope,faith, call it what you want. That there is something else out there, call me stupid if you want.
  4. I think we're all confused at the heart of it. Some people choose to "correct" their confusion via religion, I can't accept any religion's postulations. So I envy the complacency you must have not worrying about death.


    For the record, I'm not trying to harass you with my responses - I truly wish to understand how people justify faith.
  5. I think it's because I dont want to deal with the fact that in everything we are so insignificant.

  6. Yes I think it's true, and I believe that it's due to the fact that most people who smoke weed regularly are prepared to go against the norms of society. Religion is a norm of society, and to go against this you have to be prepared to be go against the masses (In america anyway). Basically, I don't think that people are more likely to be atheists BECAUSE they smoke weed, I think its more that the weed smokers have already gone against one presupposition in society, and therefore breaking another one isn't a big deal.

    Hope that makes sense haha.
  7. Probably not most of them. No, well not at all.
    This generation is just different.
  8. Yeah, that's probably one of the most brutal truths you learn. I think that's why I was so depressed my sophomore year, I didn't want to accept that either.


    Not to be rude or anything, but aren't you knowingly lying to yourself if you believe otherwise?
  9. Lying to myself to lie to myself.
  10. This guy knows your pain,

  11. I'm a Christian :wave:
    Yeah, and I love weed. :)
  12. Not saying I have the same beliefs as you, but when did the size of something make it significant? The fact that we are rational thinking human beings already makes us very significant compared with anything else of our knowledge. So as far as we know, we are very significant.

  13. There have even been some studies on IQ:


    The relationship between countries' belief in a god and average Intelligence Quotient, measured by Lynn, Harvey & Nyborg.
  14. Based on anther's view, out of the other 7 billion people on Earth.

  15. this:rolleyes:
  16. i am sure someone has said this before, but i don't think being a stoner makes you smarter and therefore not believe in god..haha.
    I really just think that lots of super religious people don't smoke weed or do things labeled by society as drugs.
    Sure some do, as we can see in this thread :smoke: But the vast majority of people who go to church/take their religion seriously are not likely going home and rolling a fat blunt to smoke while they read their bibles :cool:
  17. It seems logical that the intelligence of humans would cause people to believe less as they reach high levels of education. When you were 4 did you believe in Santa? The tooth fairy? Then when you got older and more educated, you realized that they fictitious.

    However, I believe that this stems from intelligent humans' tendencies to a) need proof of something before coming to a conclusion and b) have superiority complexes.

    Some people, ESPECIALLY those with lower IQs, need religion. For some people, their beliefs are all they have. Atheists always complain that religious people push their beliefs onto them. It seems to me Atheists do it just as much. EVERYONE should keep an open mind.

    For the record, I consider myself some form of Christian, but not in the traditional sense. I am influenced by many other teachings as well as my own personal beliefs. In the end, most of our views on a God or an afterlife or a religion are not 100% the same.
  18. It depends on what you define intelligence as.
  19. The question in this thread can be answered very directly if you ask yourself: Is there any fucking corrolation between the two whatsoever? No. I didn't really really think so.

  20. thats wat i was gonna say

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