Are most stoners athiest?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Canadian Bud, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I don't believe in one specific person/being named 'God' but I do believe there is something bigger than us out there.

    But I think stoners tend to have more atheists because were all a lot more open minded than most people.
  2. I smoke multiple times a day and have a very deep belief in God. A lot of my stoner friends believe in God too, but none of us have that "you break the law?! you are disobeying God!!" attitude. You'll always have assholes like that. I see Christianity more as doing good onto people...I believe a lot of the bible stories are more to teach us lessons and morals rather than for us to take the words literally.

    Just my opinion. I completely respect everyone elses personal beliefs. As long as you're not trying to influence those on others.
  3. I believe everything is apart of the whole, something like that. I would say i'm very spiritual, but not religious at all.
  4. i think christianity is right trippy, dunno tho XD
  5. That sums it up pretty well :)
  6. Yeah man. i agree. Tots mcgoats

  7. Ditto :D
  8. buddhist right here
  9. religion-free, yes, godless, no...we need a poll...:smoke:
  10. i believe in love
    no religion, no god

    just mother nature+father time+love
  11. Im a catholic...

    I wouldnt know the norm for stoner religion tho.
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    I think that atheism provides to much of a constructive/automatic view of the world.

    I am much more inclined believe the world was acted, just as one plays a song.
  13. i am an atheist that believes in love, pure love
  14. theism is belief in a personal god/creator

    something along the lines of pantheism, where there is many of god, but no personal gods is still considered atheism, so there is a lot of room for the spiritual side..

    its all mumbo jumbo words anyways and gets really complicated
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    All i gotta say is that i have never agreed as much on the subject of religion then with everyone in this thread...

    Nvm there is something i would like to add. As a stoner myself i have to say that i don't believe or not believe in god. I am open to any future entries.
  16. If there is a god he is either not omnipotent or not all-loving. I hope he is just not omnipotent...
  17. The only trend observed is the positive correlation between one's education level and a lack of belief in gods. You are less likely to believe in gods the more educated you are.
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, this statement is hitting the nail on the head.

    Take notes. :metal:

  19. I refuse to believe that, just because one does believe in a God does not include one's intelligence level. That's just stupid.
  20. agreed.

    seems like a generalization.

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