Are most, if not all humans hardwired for polygamy/cheating? Read on...

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    I have noticed a slight pattern over the years. Almost every girl I've dated, cheated at one point or another. Whether it was just a kiss, or getting fucked all night, cheating is cheating. Yes, it sucks major donkey balls to be on the receiving end of that shit, most of us have felt it at point in our lives and it is no joy. So I bring forth...

    Are humans actually hardwired to cheat on their mates?

    I believe so. I'm really high and don't want to take all night typing this up. So I'll put it in a "chart" for easier viewing. Please keep in mind that this is not every possible "reason" listed, I just decided to name the most prominent in my mind. Feel free to add or subtract any of these.

    -For males, to impregnate as many females as possible. Same as almost every other animal in the animal kingdom.
    -Females, to continue to produce many healthy, strong, and "useful" offspring.

    -The thrill of sleeping with an new mate for the first time, the rush of adrenaline, hormones and various body fluids, it always captivates the mind. It's a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. I think I can say matter-of-factly, all humans enjoy those feelings of euphoria.
    -Making an easy escape from a relationship.
    -Boredom. Lonelyness. Even peer pressure.

    -Well, I'm not a neurologist by any means, but I would like to be able to say that parietal lobes and the temporal lobes have some sort of connection with our limbic system.
    -I believe our brains have been "programmed", over time, through evolution to actually manipulate our emotions so we view multiple sex partners as our primary goal in reproduction. Hence cheating or polygamy.

    Ok, I think that's pretty much it. I'm really high at this point and I wanna go to bed, but any feedback is appreciated. What do you think?

    Happy tokin' ladies and gents!
  2. I'm all about gettin some haha
    I mean I try not to cheat but shit happens aye?
  3. haha i hear that. and i figured i'd say whats up too, im from raleigh
  4. ok. let's not forget the guys now..

  5. what exactly about the guys? :confused:
  6. Wurd haha I'm not too far from there dude.
  7. Monogamy is literally for the birds, as they are the only beings on the planet that are sexually monogamous, and even some of them fool around.
    Humans are not sexually monogamous, but like to play monogamy socially (ie. with marriage).
  8. I'm inherently monogomous. I've never cheated, and I'm most certain I never will.
  9. Yeah me to, i think it blows and its totally unnessecary.
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    i am in a very monogomous relationship. although i have cheated in a past
    relationship HOWEVER i did end up with the girl i cheated on the other girl with so yeah, i
    am not sure where i was going with that
  11. monkeys are promiscuous
    and gorillas are monogamous

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