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Are Molino's as good as Toro's?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by StonedWallKid, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Yeah itll hit pretty much the same as a roor or any other big brand name gong piece. It might not be as thick of glass, but the thickness of the glass doesnt effect the smoke at all, just be careful with it. (as with all glass pieces)
  2. that bong has a carb hole, roors don't
  3. i love my molino, it hits AWESOME. the glass is rather thin for it but it could be much thiner, like some of there other cheap bongs. there good bongs.
  4. Nope,there not. Fucking Toro is WAY the fuck up there in the GonG game pha sho.
  5. Nothing against Molino's, but the answer is definitely "No".
  6. no...toros are top of the line bongs. molinos are not so bad, but toros are waaaaaay better.
  7. molinos i se as a mid range bong wouldent compare to a phX or Toro..... toros are just sooooo stupidly cool
  8. what'ever you's get's glas's bong's get's me stonedest's.
  9. Definitely not.

    Toro is, IMO, pushing the envelope of GonG tubes while Molino makes thin and, again IMO, very crappy tubes. Between the removable perc on the mad scientist and how thin all their tubes look...I'd never buy one.
  10. Toro's are absolutely amazing GonG pieces.

    Toro > Roor, in my opinion.

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