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Are Mids Grown Shitty?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMX, May 17, 2010.

  1. Sounds like a dumb ass question. But how do people grow mids. Like the shitty stuff thats all hard and brown. Is that shit old, compressed, sprayed with shit, or just filled with seeds from males being around and bad water? Like poor growing tequnique=mids or shitty weed?
  2. Schwag is the brown stuff you're talking about, mids is just mid-grade bud. Many factors can affect how good the weed is; a lot of it depends on how it's grown, but genetics determines whether it is schwag, mids or dank. Don't fuck with bobby brown
  3. Not really sure in the growing differences but I can get some mids that are schwag level but other mids that are pretty nice and give off a lot of kief. So in general not all mids are grown shitty.
  4. im pretty sure you can take schwag seeds and grow them really well and it can be dank. I think osg said he did this before
  5. Yea bagseed can be turned into beauty if you know what your doing. Im talking about fully flowering it, with the proper light scheds and ferts, then taking the time to really cure the shit out of it. Most dealers cut that shit premature, and cure it for like 3 days, hence not high grade bud :(
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    Think of it like this.

    I can grow a seed I found in a bag of low mids, In to a nice plant. Maybe some high quality mids but not beasters.

    THEN. I can start breeding these plants over and over again. Lets say I bred well in to the plants 7th generation by selecting and growing only the best plants of each generation, under the best growing circumstances.

    I would come out with some pretty dank bud, and some very nice plants.

    I could then make my mother plant produce some seeds, and give those seeds to a buddy.

    Lets say he was an amatuer grower. In his first grow, even though my genetics were grade A. He may only come out with only mids.

    So it isnt how its grown exactly, but more or less how many generations its been grown, and the care and work of the grower, as well as the resources, that dictate how good the weed will be.

    If I BOUGHT some blueberry seeds from a very reputable seed bank, then grew it under ideal circumstances, I would infact get great bud.

    But I would see mids as being grown as so.

    1st-4th Generation plant
    Filtered water
    Initial seeds had moderate to low quality genetics
    A somewhat experienced grower, who takes good care of his plants.

    Anything less than those circumstances will probably produce less than desirable plants.

    Shwag is shit that is grown in a closet with a little fan and tap water, from seeds the dude found in his stash. Or shit grown in Mexico on mass scales that are hardly taken care of.


    Id ask OSG to get some real answers.
  7. Sorry this is NOT the case. Bag seed can be grown into no-name dank, actually that's usually the case with no-name dank. All you have to do to grow good dank is treat it properly, proper lighting, fertilizer, and light, separate the males out, flush it two weeks before harvest, and let it cure properly. Mids are lacking in one or more of these, or are pressed bud that was decent when it came from the grower. Regs and schwag are grown in Mexico, fertilized chemically until they're cut down, dried out in the sun, compressed into the smallest possible bricks, and handled non-stop.
  8. I think its just because if the poor package condictions and curing and is all crappy.

    Mids are just general fields of marijuan with few males throw in to make the seeds.

    either way, I enjoy mids.

  9. I have to disagree. I am not a grower, but from personal experience I know this to not be true.

    Ive smoked some bud grown from bag seed in those exact same circumstances you state, probably even better than those circumstances, and it was not "Dank"

    It was beasters at best.

    Your statement would hold true if you meant that the grower had bred it down generations for a few grows and found himself a really nice mother plant.

    But not if the grower, on his first grow of that seed, made a mother plant from his first selection and grew that, I highly doubt that is possible unless the grower is pretty experienced and has a blank check.
  10. It's simple man, a plant is only going to be as good as the genetics it already has. That being said it's not like you can't help the genetics in the growing process which leads me to my second point. Genetics can't be truly reached our maximized unless you grow it properly, so your green thumb can help out. You might have seeds from really really good weed, but if you don't give it any love and attention it will give you a shitty crop a.k.a mids. But if those same seeds were grown in good conditions than you could get that same if not even a little better bud than what you had originally. But you could take seed from your mids and never get anything better than mids because thats as good as the genetics get.
  11. I would think a grower would have to have a good eye to be able to decide which plants he/she wishes to take in to the next grow, and so on and so forth. Bigger plants, higher yeilds, more TCH and hairs on that plants bud, stronger stem/base, heath/stability of plant, coloring, smell, ect. Choosing the best exhibits of all these would make better plants each grow...

    Thus increasing the quality of genetics.

    I guess if you did that to seed from shwag, every grow, for 10 years you would have some extremely dank bud. Like a one hitter quiter.
  12. We need OSG up in this bitch.
  13. Exactly. Ill message him real quick with a link to the thread.
  14. This is a very good question. I have 2 plants growing from mid's bagseed. I guess I will find out in a few months. lol.
  15. I swear, OSG is like some kind of weed-related encyclopedia that has everything from growing to the sweet history of the bud. If that makes any sense. He is awesome though. Not trying to brown nose.
  16. It's not one factor that determines it, but random bagseed cannot necessarily be made into 'no name dank'. Genetics is probably 75% of it. The rest is how it's grown and the skill of the grower.

    I've taken bagseed from decent mids and grown some awesome stuff. Some of it has also been dissapointing. Still, it's the best way for a new grower to start out so if any of you want to try growing do it with bagseed first.

    Most mids are outdoor grown en masse and not tended as well as they could have been, so their genetic potential was not fully realised. To an extent that goes for schwagg as well, only it's usually even poorer genetics and it's cured badly. Most schagg is brown from being chopped and left to lay in the Sun, which further degrades the quality.

    Bottom line is sure a skilled grower can make the most of any given genetics, but you aren't going to take bad genetics and grow top shelf bud.
  17. What about taking a plant and cloning the best plants from a set of say 8-12, over the course of a year or more.

    Then could your bag seed have quality genetics?
  18. Over time you could select the best plants and improve the strain quality. That's part of what breeders do; select the best plants and use those to sire the next generation. It's a lot easier to just start with good solid genetics though.

  19. I wish someone would mix sour diesel with blueberry
  20. Unfortunately it's not quite that easy. I've worked on several breeding projects over the years. Often it's hit and miss. Finding the right combination of genetics to come up with a good new strain isn't as easy as some people think.

    I think someone did cross a diesel with blueberry but I can't recall the specifics now. Ah well, bedtime for this old man anyways.

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