Are Medical Marijuana Laws making me a republican?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gardenmaster, May 26, 2010.

  1. In Colorado there was a simple amendment passed by the voters, now that everyone has seen what kind of money can be made cities and now the state are passing moratoriums, bans, bills, regulations, amendments, fees, fines, etc. to regulate the growing and selling of medical marijuana.

    I think the government should just stay out of it and let let supply and demand regulate the industry (that sounds so Republican).
  2. It also sounds libertarian. Thats economic conservatism with social liberalism. It's the way of the future.

    It's not supply and demand that "regulates" things though (besides price and incentives) its the consumers. If someone sells shitty weed, in a legal market, everyone can be told hey Rick sells shitty weed don't buy from him. Rick will either go out of bussiness because people will start buying from people who have better weed or if someone likes the shitty weed they will keep buying it from him cause they like the shitty weed for some reason.

    In the end everyone is happy and gets what they want!
  3. That sounds libertarian to me. :) I've gotten tired of the endless regulation, fees, etc. and switched awhile back.
  4. My work with SAFER turned me into a limited government conservative. :wave:

    The state can suck my balls.

  5. :) This is supply and demand exactly. Little demand for a supply of shitty weed while a supply of good weed exists.

  6. You sound like a libertarian to me. Welcome to the nut job side of the fence. :wave: Atleast that's what the liberals call us libertarians now-a-days.
  7. Welcome to the dark side.
  8. Thank you for all the replies, now I am going to have to do some research on libertarianism, I was warned that I would change parties when I got

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