Are lights needed?

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  1. Do i need grow lights? Or can i grow next to the window to get its light?
  2. You need some kind of light source to have any chance at getting real bud
  3. Window sill grows tend to end up pretty sad
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  4. Photoperiods it's to late in the season and they will flower at 9 inches tall.
    Only June and July have long enough days to veg.

    An Autoflower will grow in a window as they don't care what the lighting is.
    That said that layer of glass blocks enough of the suns strength to keep the plants from doing as well as it would with direct exposure.
    More to it then that but I'm lazy and don't feel like writing a book at the moment/
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  5. Never grow in a windowsill unless you want extremely stretched plants. Get indoor lights if you want to grow.
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  6. Its CBD plant. Im just doing to watch it grow
  7. In that case, yes it'll work. You won't get champion plants, but they'll survive. Still, if it was me I'd at least get a CFL or small LED light to keep it healthier.
  8. I have this but my wife doesnt want me to keep the light so idk

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