Are LED grow lights worth the money.

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  1. A 135w cost $200. That's twice almost three times as much as an hps light. Also they look supper cheap. I really need one for a stealth grow though. Is this light "better" than an hps or is it just overpriced crap advertised to draw in potheads like flies on shit.
  2. Also is it worth getting a wholesale light like the cheap ones from china. If not can you recommend a reputable site with low prices.
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    I get my 100W (actual draw) lamps for $100 and 300W for $200 directly from china. Remember LED's may cost twice as much per watt but also last twice as long as HPS and produce less heat.
  4. My mate just took 3 out of his room, he said to me the growth rate is far slower then MH or HPS.

    I wanted to try LEDs but im now a bit put off.
  5. Nice grow. So the led light makes the buds smaller?
  6. It sounds like the LEDs give off the right radiation for chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B production, better than MH or HPS, but the rate of growth seems slower with LEDs.
  7. It all depends on the design of the light. If it has the proper spectrum and at least some sort of lens to focus the light and get some penetration you can grow with them. Although they have less lumens the PAR rating is equal to and greater than some hps lights that are at least the same wattage or larger. I just purchased an Apollo 10 from cidly with a custom spectrum and 90 degree lenses they say it is about double the par rating of a 400watt hps and they tested their competition one of the hydrogrow LED units and that was slightly better than the Apollo but about twice the price. I found 3 people with successful grows and they had no complaints about the Apollo. Just do your research and find products that were used successfully before buying. LED's aren't cheap initially my unit was $397 shipped but the LED's last forever and they don't create the excessive heat of a HID light.
  8. I have said this likely over 30 times on here so far.

    I have never seen a professional grow with LEDs.

    Why? For all intents and purposes HID lighting will be better to use if you can deal with heat issues.

    No matter what you hear - it is as simple as that.
  9. From what i have seen, i have to agree.
  10. Look up rumpleforeskins comparison journals
  11. I believe with more testing you will soon see LED's take over. There have been a few HID vs LED which showed some better buds. The LED's used were expensive though(I believe $1200 a panel and they had 12) and then 12 600watt mh/hps. It will be a couple years and the initial cost of LEDs will come down and the technology will be improved.

    HID lighting has way too much heat for my area which is why I chose LED. I will start a journal and keep a record of how mine goes. My lights 375watts and I'm going to have 4 plants that are started under cfl's and cheap led panels.

    So it seems you need to get everything optimal for them to work and give results.

    This is the impression im getting, im i right.
  13. Try this place W W W . C A L I F O R N I A L I G H T W O R K S . C O M
  14. It's not the growth rate is slower with LEDs, it's just that there is minimal to no stretching with LEDs versus MH. So the plants tend to stay smaller and bushier under LEDs

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