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Are joints really that wasteful?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by unicornballs, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. So of course how well its rolled and how compact the bud is plays a big part, but does it still make such a big difference? Im curious cos i mainly roll, just prefer a fat joint or blunt over using pieces.. Am i wasting my stash?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    In my experience, hell yeah. Do a test with your next joint and put the burning end your joint into a box or container after each drag so that the smoke gets trapped. After you're done toking, check the box and look at all the smoke that's been wasted -- that's all burnt up weed you didn't get any of!
    I don't really care, but if I used bowls and bongs rather than joints, I think I'd have a bit more than now. It only wastes a bit imo, but it stacks up.
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    Joints are more accommodating to social smoking….because it's easy to pass a joint around…everyone is familiar with "what to do" with a joint. So, while all that talking is going on, someone is letting that smoke burn up into the air….and it's wasteful. Plus, every subsequent toke, after the first one, is going to be smoking weed that has been "filtering" the burnt carbon (and adding acrid flavor)…until your last few hits is just nasty, ashy, burned-up-tasting garbage. But, it tastes fine when you're standing around outside hanging out.
    For home connoisseur type usage, where you're trying to taste all the terpenes and feel the all the subtleties of the high -without all the bothersome talking and noises…just pure high…then joints just don't even enter into the picture.
  4. They are very wasteful in sense that if you made a 1 gram joint, that 1 gram could either by vaporized or smoked out of a bong to 3-5x the efficiency, maybe even more.
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  5. To me the so called "wastefulness" of blunts or joints is bs and a very technical statement at that. Plus waste in my book means not worth my time and unenjoyable. I enjoy a nice blunt so I'm never wasting.Yes, when not hitting the blunt or joint, it continues to burn, but for what? MAYBE 10 secs tops. Oh goodness ! I'm wasting the shit out my bud I'm gonna fuckin die ! -__-It doesn't make much of a difference. Honestly, I get way higher off a blunt than I do a few bowls. And yes I like bowls so this isn't a biased opinion here. Jesus, I've heard a handful of people say bowls are wasteful and this and that. It's all technical bs. Smoke what you like and prefer. The only REAL wasting is rolling up more than you need. So yeah your wasting your stash by rollin fat ass joints. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  6. na if ya enjoyed it then it wasnt wasted
  7. Yes in terms of smoke run off. Try grinding up the weed you would put in a joint and smoke it in a bowl and see just how much higher you get
  8. i wouldn't say wasted, you could use less weed and bong it, but its differnent i think. I enjoy joints because you can chill with em, rest em, and continue at your leisure. 
    Bong hit takes like 2 minutes, where as you can smoke a good j for like 5-15 minutes.
    so id say for weed efficiency if your running low it would be wiser to bong.
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  9. I love joints but I rarely smoke them because of how much weed they use. When I do roll one I go all-in though, this one is half strawberry half blue dream, smoked it by myself the other day and got stupid high :smoking:
    008 (600x800).jpg
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  10. big joints and blunts typically uses more weed. not only that they continue to burn which waste a little bit of weed. I've been smoking out of my pipe and used so little weed.
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    Let the joint chill before it is passed and don't draw on it for 10 seconds. Hell of a lot more wasteful if it canoes.
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  12. They are very wasteful in sense that if you made a 1 gram joint, [​IMG]
  13. Smoking weed is never a waste. But a bong or pipe would do a better job on ya, but smoking jays is the shit so no way is it a wasteSent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. Just do what you prefer! I much prefer smoking joints than bongs or whatever, I feel I get higher... Don't know why but I do haha
  15. Honestly if its working don't worry how much is wasted, but if you're really that concerned just throw the roaches in a bag and roll them up when you don't have anything fresh.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. I, personally, prefer a bowl. I go through less weed that way. But, then again, it only takes one moron to burn out half your bowl on a bong. >_>Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    That is some undeniable logic right there. Efficacy aside, it is still not wasting it if you get high.
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    Tear apart a joint that would go around the room and get hit on by a few people and you get 2-3 bong hits. The bong gets you higher but if you want to share then the joint is the way to go.
    Now if you have a half gram and want to get 6 people high then knife hits works best.
  19. Hi all i have aquestion im a lifelong toker,ive been mostly smoking amnesia seems 2 b best on d street at the mo' but i dont seem 2 b gettin what i used 2from it do i need a break from it r different weed gonna start grow soon only my second my1st went well i grew Hawaiian snow from g.h.seeds i  used basic gardensoil froma bag njust water n baby bio put in a cheap plastic greenhouse they grew great 6.5ft tall when harvesed this time my mum wantsme to grow in my bedroom cos she worries about neighbours cos of how big the last 1s got are long flouros with cool n warm white bulbs b best i have a 600whps with ballast from last year as i grew outdoors i only  turned it o n once r twice way too itense in my bedroom cos iwas 2 lazy 2 build some kind of grow box so i jus
  20. its not wasting, but i guess you could call it a luxury. if bud wasnt such a precious commodity, i would smoke way more joints then i do now.

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