Are Ioffer Ti Nails Safe?

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  1. I just bought one with a dome and drip adapter for $40. I was told its grade 2 titanium from him a few times

    Is there any way to tell if the nails grade 2 titanium from pictures, or is there any way to test it once i have it?

    Thanks guys
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    If someone approaches you in a dark alley and says: hey i got the gold and platinum Rolex, retails for ~5,000$, but for you, ill do 1,000. Would you believe them? Thats not to say that every cheap nail is not certified pure grade 2 Ti, because Ti is actually fairly cheap. Its more so that people are just selfish pieces of shit, and if they can increase profits by 20%  by using steel rods instead of Ti rods, they will do it. So when you buy a cheap nail you are looking at a few possibilities: it could be legit cp g2 Ti, it could be some cheap Ti that isnt grade 2 which is a mixture of Ti and other metals, it could be part Ti and part something else like stainless steel, or it could be some mystery metal that Mr. Wu  found in the garbage and turned into a nail.
    As far as testing i have heard of using a magnet to see if any of the pieces of your nail are magnetic. Ti is not magnetic, so if the nail sticks then you know the metal contains iron.(you dont want iron in your nail) But according to Task, the magnet test doesnt automatically mean your nail is Ti, as other metals like SS arent magnetic either.
    To summarize: use your own discretion to determine whether your health is worth the gamble of using a generic nail from ioffer.
  3. So theres no real way to tell if my nail is grade 2?

    My friend told me if there was a picture of a certificate on ebay then its legit grade 2, but couldnt anyone edit a picture to say that?

    I was thinking if i start to do concentrates alot more then i am now (only ever smoked a gram of wax from my friends nail). That i will buy a highly educated nail, and keep the dome + drip adapter from ioffer? That way it wouldnt be a total waste of money in a few months if i start to use concentrates daily

    Do u think its safe to use the nail? Not knowing if its grade 2 or not?
    My friend got his nail from ebay from someone with a picture of the certificate and he says his is fore sure grade 2, and he has used it about 50 times. I was wondering if it would be just as safe for me to use my ioffer nail as it is for him to use his ebay nail, or does the picture of the certificate actually mean alot?

    Thanks :)
  4. Not that i know of...
    Ive always felt that those certificates were more or less pointless. As you mentioned anyone can aquire a picture of one of those, and theres absolutely nothing that proves the nail is actually what they say it is. But like i said, g2 Ti is cheap; and i think people, myself included, are quick to assume that these low prices automatically mean its not legit. It really comes down to trust, and its hard to trust some stranger on ebay or ioffer with no real reputation to uphold. If you got sick from using a name brand nail, you know who to blame, but with the ebay/ioffer sellers they have no name to protect.
    As far as not going to advise you to do something that could be potentially harmful. But i assume your an adult, and can make your own decisions. Considering you only spent 40$, thats about how much a dome and adapter would have set you back at most places. So i wouldnt consider it a total loss.
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    The magnet should be a pretty good indicator. If theres any tug at all, theres presence of other metals.
    IDK stick to reputable brands and no worries.
    or go quartz.... FTW
  6. "Hold any genuine titanium metal object to a grinding wheel (even a little grindstone on a Dremel tool will do), and it gives off a shower of brilliant white sparks unlike any softer common metal. The sparks are tiny pieces of cut titanium--the friction of the grinder heats them till they burn white-hot. Hold a grindstone to the shackle of a "titanium" padlock from Master Lock, however, and you'll instead see the telltale fine, long, yellow sparks of high-carbon steel."
    This is what I am giong to try with my new TitanOwl Nail....this was only 45 for a universal domeless adjustable nail and carb cap dabber set for another 30 and wanted to be sure that I wasnt getting scammed. 
  7. I thought aluminum was also not magnetic though?

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  8. What? This is titanium and we are looking for ferrous metals that might be present, proving it to be poor quality metal.
    A proper Ti nail that doesnt pull on a magnet should sure as hell not have any aluminum in it.
    I just stick to HE for my Ti, hs shows his quality certs, there aint no aluminum in that shit
  9. Please post ur findings once you test that. I just got a carb cap from them.
  10. Why spends money on good concentrates and smoke on a shitty iffy nail? I know a guy has $500 toro and used an nail swears it's grade 2 but u have to get the nail red hot to take a dab if u do low temp dabs it won't hold it heat long enough and you're left with a puddle of un vaped goo. And it taste off to me. Get a ti power drop top nail they're adjustable and built like a tank $60 bucks how can u go wrong? Price of a gram on east cost 2 grams on west.

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