Are house and garden nutes organic?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by hornedfrog2000, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I just want to know if I will be able to use hydrogen peroxide with H&G nutes without killing anything off in the solution... Thanks.

  2. They have some organics and some chemical. Contact them on their website for the details and what is and what isnt. If it reeks of funk when you smell it, it is probably organic... maybe...
  3. they do have an organic line, but there coco, soil, and aqua flakes are not "organic" formulas
    but there Bio line is organic.
    Roots excelurator is believed to have beneficial bacteria and fungi in it, but they do not release the ingredients. i always add H2O2 to the water before mixing a nutrient solution and it seems to do fine, u can fill rez, add H2O2 and wait a few hours by then the peroxide should drop off and become H2O (i honestly do no know how long it takes till the molecule chain break down)

  4. I asked my local shop this when I bought some h2o2, said pretty much what janemba said.

    AquaFlakes/Coco/Soil A&B and most of there additives should have no problem, root excelurator very well might be organic but nobody knows what exactly is in it.

    If your using the root excelurator then do your h2o2 treatment a few days before dosing your tank with that, its too expensive to risk wasting any.
  5. totally worth the money, its pretty concentrated it calls for 1.1ml per gal, so its last a while

  6. I wish I could run it, but alas I use airstones!

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