Are high mids from the West considered dank in the East?

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  1. Like good quality outdoors?

  2. Mids are mids and dank is dank. 
    Just bc there aren't legalized states and medical programs all over on the East coast doesn't mean there isn't good bud. I've seen home grown buds from the East Coast that shit on the quality of some of the dispensary buds I've seen from the West coast. 
  3. I lived in arkansas where a gram of good goes for 20 and mids go for 60 an oz and now I'm in cali and have yet to see mids. Midds here is like bomb weed in the south so i cant complain haha. Although I did get some weed that was sand blasted or something from here That was not cool
  4. Don't believe a word of that OP. Here are the facts:
      1. The Ganja gods have smiled upon the west coast as one of the most favored growing regions on Earth.
      2. East coast weather and soil condition do not compare to west coast.
      3. You can grow great weed on east coast, but you can grow the best weed on the west coast.
      4. The same plant would grow healthier in the west than than east.
      Those are the facts my friend.
    I'm not talking about outdoor buds. 
    And yes it is true - there are some growers East Coast that put to shame some of the west coast growers that supply dispensaries. Geographic location does not trump grower skill when you're talking about indoor grown bud. 
  6. West coast can produce better plants(outdoor) due to the climate. However if you grow indoor it's more or less the same(if you can keep most the variables equal) But your question pertains to out door growing. You can also more or less grow all year around in California compared to the east coast where it snows.
  7. Oh indoor you can grow dank anywhere even Antarctica during July, if you know what you are doing. You can call the strain "Antarctic Ice"
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  9. On the east coast there are people who have never seen west coast weed so they think their high mids is dank, there are also people on the east who know what's up and only smoke and sell exotic dank.
  10. I was gonna say this. I live in ar and went to ca for vacation this summer and I was blown away by the fact that our best stuff is the bottom shelf at dispensaries in Cali.

    RIP to one of the realest homies you could ask for
  11. But can we compare cali to miami?

    I personally cant say shit because ive never been to cali (and i dont even grow lol) but we have a nice environment out here. Would our dank be = to cali dank? Or would it be worse/better?
  12. In Canada anything outdoor would be swhag, decent indoor weed is mids and dense ass hydro nugs is Grade A. We don't use words like "fire" or "dank", only 13 year olds talk like that.
  13. Living in CT, Ive only seen really, really good bud once in my life. Some stuff my uncle had sent to him from Cali, of course.

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    Yes I would say so... The highest grade I can get in myrtle beach, SC and Roanoke, Va is only comparable to the middle shelf quality I can get from caregivers and even a lot if the street bud out here in Montana.

    I smoked weed for 6 years all over the east coast before i moved out west and the only time I ever get truly good kind down south is when people get it from out west lol.

    So yes..

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  15. Without a medical card NJ's best I've ever had was only 2/3 as good as the medical. It was probably equal to what Colorado was sending me but I think it's safe to assume west>east coast when it comes to weed that everybody had access to.
  16. There is some REALLY good bud out here in Mass, can't really speak on the south east. 
    But the north east, thats another story.
  17. I know Michigan indoor growers can get in the ring with any indoor growers anywhere else in the world. Other states around here I don't know about.

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  18. Lmao I was thinking the same thing.

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