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Are heads really the top of the plant and mids are the middle?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goalie75, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. First off, sorry if this is a dumb question

    It would make sense that headies were the buds on the top of the plant, mids were in the middle, and dirt weed is lowest to the ground, but something about that doesn't seem right to me. I you look at any bush with flowers, the flowers don't decrease in quality as you work your way down the bush. I would think the quality of weed would depend on growing conditions and grower experience rather than the buds relation to the plant.

    Sorry if I'm over thinking this :p

  2. Haha nice interpretation. It's more of the grade of the weed itself.

    Stuff that gets you high off of like .1 would be dank, headies, fire, fuckya etc.

    Mids is what most people probably smoke (not this community) which is just regular hungry, horny, happy sort of high.

    Shwag, dirt w/e you want to call it is what mexican weed is usually referred to (not always true) and usually just gets your body buzzing off of like .5 and never gets you really high.
  3. yea, heads and mids and schwag is like a classification system, not part of the plant
  4. Don't worry, people hear stupid shit from their friends every day.

  5. like the guy from england who said his friends went nuts after smoking skunk lolz
  6. It is funny though because it makes perfect sense the way the OP described it.
  7. hehe sorry just had to chime in, never thought of it that way, but made me chuckle!

    lol exactly chronic! ha
  8. its not about what part of the plant the bud came off of, but how well the plant was grown. obviously some of it is genetics, but mostly how its grown. you can grow a schwag seed to be dank if you know what you are doing.

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