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are grinders worth the money?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ismoketoomuch1, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. hey guys! i just bought a nice spoon, but i saw some grinders and wondered if they were REALLY worth the 13 dollars..
    thanks =) not sure if they had kief nets or not, but tell me if its worth it whether or not they have it.

    also, my spoon is light yellow with very light red and green stripes. help me name it!
    thanks! peace ;)
  2. I think so. I traded one of my pipes for a good 60 dollar one. Greatest thing ever. Get one with a Kief catcher. It's good if you're dry or just want kief
  3. Grinders are def worth the
    money. The saying "you get what you pay for" usually applies to stuff like this

  4. what do you mean?
    im buying a cheap grinder since i dont have a job, if thats what you does ground weed look? ive always just broken nugs up with my hands
  5. Only worth it if you go through tons of bud, or exclusively roll j's. Other wise, I'd just get a shitty 2 piece plastic one. Grinds my shit up enough and I payed like 3 bucks. Oviously doesn't compare to a Sharpstone, but it gets the job done :)
  6. yes, and spend more than 13 dollars and buy one that is metal.

  7. this one is metal... lol :p
  8. [quote name='"EasternSmoker"']yes, and spend more than 13 dollars and buy one that is metal.[/quote]

    Yeah, most important thing is that it's good quality and also has a kief screen/catcher.
    Well worth the extra 10-20 bucks.
  9. I used to have a metal grenade grinder. Looked like a fuckin' grenade :p Had a kief catcher and I had SO much kief. Totally worth it, and I only spent about $20-30 on it. My sister on the other hand had a cheap $8 one and the teeth got fucked up from grinding too many times. But I've had many grinders, wood and metal. Spend the extra money, you won't regret it!!
  10. I definitely believe they are. They will bust up your nugs great. You could get by with a cheap 2 piece but a 4 piece works wonders. Honestly if you buy one and start using it regularly you will wonder why you ever went without one.

    To me whether or not it is worth the money depends on how much you pay for it. In theory, the more expensive one's should work better or really be more of a quality product, however a really expensive one might not be for you. After all, the end result is the same - finely ground dank. Sharpstone seems to be a quality brand and the grinders are used by many stoners. Chronium Crushers work well and are widely used. They also won't hurt the wallet too much. Here are a couple: 2.2" 4pc Clear Top Chromium Crusher Herb Tobacco Grinder Black: Everything Else Authentic Chromium Crusher 2.5'' 4pc CNC Herbal Tobacco Herb Aluminum Grinder Silver: Everything Else

    If you want to try a starter grinder before dropping some cash here's a link: Herb Grinders! Totally Free Get yours today!
  11. Love my Sharpstone. It breaks up weed better than I ever could with my fingers. Plus the kief catcher kicks ass. Like whipped cream on top of ice cream.
  12. I bought mine from GC... been going strong for 2 years
  13. Sharpstone. 20 dollas. TOTALLY worth it
  14. #14 1sttimegrower, Mar 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2012
    Are shoes worth it?

    Treat them equal. Shoes make walking easier; grinders make busting bud apart easier.

    Gauge the pricing the same too; don't buy a 5$ pair of shoes and don't buy a 150$ pair of shoes. I (over)paid for my sweetstone, but still don't regret it. You want quality on these grinders so the teeth don't break, so the threading won't lock up, and so the paint or metal won't flake off into your bud. But you also don't want a ridiculously priced grinder.
  15. Space case is the best quality, you can get a small 2 piece titanium grinder for ~$20 shipped. Those grinders will never break, and lifetime guarantee replacement.
  16. I mean i like to break it up with my hands because its the original way
  17. If you are one to loose things easily buy a cheaper if not invest a nice grinder it will save u bud in the long run and TIME, i cant imagine rollin every joint without a grinder.

    edit: remember to get at least a nice 4 piece one.
  18. i was gonna say how do u guys break the teeth of a metal grinder by just grinding bud wat is your bud rock hard lol

    buy one bro, for the $7 extra that sharpstone is worth it.
  19. ^cheap grinders, dense bud, packing the lid FULL.
  20. I can put like 2g in my grinder at a time. Crank handle ftw.

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