are gay guys hotter?

Discussion in 'General' started by canadianchick, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. ok my friend just said she thinks gay guys are really really hot... who agrees here, just wondering u know, i wonder about stuff...
  2. how about this guy?

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  3. omg *swoon*
    hes hot, but not as hot as u phunkyphil
  4. well OBVIOUSLY.. :)
  5. lol, i guess its a waste to state the obvious, but ur not gay, right phunkyphil? better not be...
  6. Hey! Thats my dad!
  7. I wish I was queer so I could get chicks
    Chicks dig guys that are
    Queer guys that don't dig
    Chicks dig guys that are
    Queer guys that don't dig
    Chicks dig guys that are
    Queer guys that don't dig
    Chicks that don't dig guys like me
    See I'm not queer I'm too ugly
    And I don't shave my heiny
    Don't shave my heiny
    See I'm not queer I'm too ugly

    lyrics from bloodhound gang.
  8. its a proven fact! men are aways more attractive...simpoly because:

    gay men, are attracted to other men..therefor they know what to look for in a other words..they know what women want...hence the ease in which it is to correct the problems they have themseleves which would be totally obviouse since they are gay and know what looks good and bad on or wih men....its a simple yet proven theory...heres the formula

    gay-hetero+gay#2+female instincts = gayman + key to sexyness -hetero + male sexual drive


    just add 2 to both sides and cook on high for 15 minutes and the answer come sout to be .....VANILLA WAFERS!...I MUST EAT VANILLA WAFERS!..IM OFF!
  9. Gay men are hot
    Gay women are hot
    Straight men are hot
    Straight women are hot

    ...those are my final answers...
  10. what about my grandma?
  11. ummmmmmmm okayyyyyyyy

    *quietly walks out of thread*
  12. ermmmm... I want to post here to get my "number of posts" rating higher but erm.... I don't know what to say about this thread... erm...
  13. I'll join you for the sole fact of raising my number of posts (which actually doesn't matter at all).
  14. post a pic of ur grandma!
  15. i th ink so, i personally don't know many gay men, and the ones i do know are hilarious but hot~no. but i would have to agree yes most gay men are hot!

    off topic here but, canadian chick where abouts u from?
  16. critter..aside from the colostamy bag needing change every hour, norms grandma is quite the find IMO... guessing shes from canada
  17. heres my gma

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  18. ok, sorry you guys, i feel really bad for posting such a terrible picture of my grandma, so ill show yall the best one i have of her....its from about two or three years ago so she might look a little different.

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  19. I have alot of gay male friends. And I don't think they are hot but they are soooooo cute. And I'm quite jealous because most dress better than me. Plus, I enjoy having them around because they can fix my hair and make up like any professional. I love all the gay men in my life!!!!
  20. not only is she a rotten piece of meat..she quilts like a goddess.....

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