Are first times always so awkward....

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  1. New to GC! names Nicole and and live in Pennsylvania! Im a professional cheecher and amateur grower. so yea Hi :wave:
  2. Welcome to GC have a great stay and if your growing you def need to check out the growing section here, SOOOOOOOO much information and its helping my first grow go great :hello::gc_rocks:
  3. Welcome to GC you're about to get 500 friend requests :smoking:
  4. whats a cheecher?

    ooooh a weed can you be a professional weed smoker?

  5. Well Craiggers I do it all the time so that must make me professional...right?

  6. I deff plan on checking out the growing sect for everything. I will be attempting my first real go at it so heres to beginners luck.
  7. i jerk off constantly but no one is paying me for it.:D
  8. lol your going there huh! well maybe your not doing it good enough
  9. believe me I do it just fine.
    my techniques guarantee orgasm
  10. interesting I dont know whats going wrong then:)
  11. whats goood ma! welcome :wave:
  12. I thought your thread asked about first time highs; Then I would have answered "well, what was your first smoke/eat/drink/ointment?", but since that's not so relevant, welcome anyways.

    Tell stories, they're not boring.
    Feel the glory in the early morning.
    All kindsa stuff everyone is storing.
    Just thought i'd rhyme to see if you'd ignore me.

    Too lyrical, too random:(

  13. Well now, that was a weird conversation^.

    Not everyday you see that in a Welcome thread.:smoke:
  14. i thought this was about someone loosing their v card.:rolleyes:
    anywho welcome to GC:wave:
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    Yeah it got lost somewhere between being a "cheecher" and professional masturbation... I am also new to GC but not new to "cheeching" :p whats shakin people?
  16. Hello Next State Neighbor!! Im in North Nj, i can see your state from here lol.
  17. lol at first i thought professional cheerleader for some reason
  18. I use to live in north/central jersey! whats up!?
  19. Me Philosiraptor (philosophizing velociraptor)

    My friend showed me here and I lurked without joining for a while.

    I can't roll joints cuz my claws are too long.

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