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are firecrackers really worth the bud?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Chronicdruguser, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. first of all, I've been smokin for 2 solid years and I got this .5 or .7 (haven't weighed it) but the thing is, recently I haven't been getting FUCKED UP off the 10's like i used to in the good ol' days lol,
    one of the few things I haven't done with my bud though is bake it into food, and I am looking to be high longer than higher which i heard this is good for, I've heard good things but I always like to have a person who has tried its opinion, here's a pic of the bud, is it even enough? thanks for any help:smoke::smoke:
  2. sorry, just saw the other section for this
  3. You COULD go on a tolerance break. That's what I'm doing right now.
  4. Indeed, sounds like T-break time.
  5. I've never had a tolerance break lol I dont know if I could do it... I'd rather go on probation lol
  6. Edibles are always worth the bud, IMHO. Much longer high.
  7. It's alright. Im with you though man.

    I have been smokin daily for about 6 years now and ive never had a t break. I don't really get high like I used to either most times. But you know what, if you chill all day and dont smoke, avoid the wake-n-bake, I can still get that "im too high feeling".

    If your productive all day, get some exercise, work out, then smoke a blunt or a few bong rips during the evening, I still get super high

    but I too have been experimenting with edibles lately. I went through like 500 bucks worth of bud in the last 2 weeks just cookin' and smokin'. Firecrackers are okay, not as good as brownies. I made 2 last week and was questioning if they were even working. but i had been smoking all day.

    The best way i have found is to put oil in a crock pot, with your pot, and let it sit there on low setting all day. at the end of the day you will have a dank ass pot full of canna-oil to make your brownies with. all you gotta dfo is stir it occasionally while its cooking.
  8. If your using top quality dank, then it is not worth it IMO.
    If your using decent shake/mids definitely worth it if you make them properly.
  9. to the OP, yes
  10. that's true. when using danks (lesser amount) i was dissapointed. When using a full oz of shwag per box of brownies is legit.
  11. I have to say that I love smoking but when i've had a high tolerance or needed a long high i would always turn to firecrackers. I've never had much luck with brownies or cookies but with firecrackers they always did an excellent job for me! In my recipe I do it a lil different, I get the most buttery crackers*look for one with highest fat content* and of course get the organic peanut butter where the oil seperates from the p.b. Then if you have it use a lil cannabutter to butter the crackers before putting the peanut butter on it. Then I put about .7 to a gram of good bud then put p.b. on other cracker to cover it up b/c if you cook it with the pot just sitting on top of the p.b. then it can easily vaporize into the oven and not have its THC separate into the fat and oil. I would eat 2 firecrackers before leaving to get on the plane and by the time I would get to the terminal after an hour in security it'd start hitting me, especially turning take off, so its a great treat for a long trip where one cant easily smoke or bring any with you. I love firecrackers! lol i've been thinking of making some and this post solidifies that once i get some more i'm making me couple firecrackers to save on smoking. Plus its alot healthier lol
  12. totally man but its more worth throwing an oz in a batch of brownies, ithe highest ive ever been was from a firecracker but ive got lots to experience hahah
  13. Around here, Mexican brick sells for 50-60 and OZ. Throw that in a batch of brownies and you and some friends will get pretty damn high. Save your good weed for smoking and you'll be a lot happier. Firecrackers work great if you do them right but they taste soooo terrible.
  14. that's not enough weed to bake with, but i personally love baked goods. 7grams is enough for a batch of cookies or brownies though if you do it right. check out Hashmouf's cannabutter recipe, should be in the edibles section of this forum
  15. man guys i didn't even use all of the bud in the picture and i got FUCKED up all day lmao it was a very intense body high which i love, and it didn't taste bad at all, it tasted good if anything lol thanks guys... :)
  16. firecrackers? because i can't imagine making anything bigger than that with .5-.7g
  17. You can, it's just not quite as potent per volume. In theory, the more you break up your bud, which increases surface area, the more thc will be absorbed by the oil, or at the very least it'll happen faster.

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