Are fertilizers/plant food necessary ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by las42, May 28, 2010.

  1. I was wondering if plant food/fertilizers are necessary for a plants survival and if they are... how early on should i start fertilizing & feeding the plant .
    Thank you.
  2. Yes, the plant needs nutrients. You should start about three weeks into growing. The plant will tell you what it needs. Research more man.
  3. Even if I have custom made soil, 30% compost and 70% fully organic homemade soil with a lot of nutes ?
  4. not always for a MJ plants "survival" you can grow a plant without nutes, infact i have a friend that does 1 or 2 smaller plants in large-ish pots with a good soil & they do ok, nutes they arnt so much required for it to survive(well they will be if in a pot for loooong time), but you dont want a plant just surviving, you want it to flourish really, in order to get a yeild of somesort & quality, you can start feeding you plants at 2-3 weeks old, but really there in no need if its not showing signs of needing anything.

    ps overall id say use nutes, they dont always have to cost the earth, & can make such an impact!
  5. As in these fertilizer adverts- they just grow bigger 2x size or more, not neccessarily better taste, more THC.

    Remember small tomato grown in full sunlight tastes much better than these big supermarket tomatos but also at some point chemical fertilizer can make sense, as an add-on. it can't replace good soil but the plants just do self-service if there are additional nutrients.

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