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Are eyedrops harmful to your eyes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tmmxskiilz, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I take rhoto artic once or twice a day
    I was wondering if this can cause any damage to my eyes...
    Thanks :smoke:
  2. Yes. They are very bad over Long term use.
  3. If you use them often, your eyes develop a dependency on them.
  4. I've always wonder this...
  5. thanks guys
  6. Good thread and good answers was always wondering this question myself but never sought it out.
  7. Active ingredient: Oxymetazoline HCl

    MSDS: Health-4

    So yes, they are bad.
  8. No. The recommended usage is one or two drops in each eye up to four times daily. You can become dependent however. Just stop using and your eyes will be normal after enough time.
  9. i only use them if i look stupid high lol
  10. Reminds me of the time I went to the opticians really baked. Not nice to sit in a dark room with someone shine a light and look into your eye at point blank.

    Had to be baked to see properly with the lenses that followed. Had to have a retest and get new ones.
  11. just use saline drops if you have to use something
  12. No, they're completely lethal, that's why they make them for your eyes. It's a conspiracy.
  13. I don't use them daily, only when it's completely necessary. Just so my eyes don't get dependent on them.
  14. #15 nuclearbroods, Nov 26, 2011
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    "Get the red out" eye drops will, after continuous use, eventually make your eyes permanently red. I always use them sparingly and as few drops as necessary.
  15. Long term use yes.

  16. i usually only put one in each eye

    am i the only one lol?:smoke:
  17. Buy naphcon A eye drops. Safe to use every fucking day. As recommended by my friends opt......eye doctor.
  18. phhhhh i love the rhoto
  19. I use them when my eyes are completely blood shot.
    Other than that I see no point in using them. A little reddish glassy look isn't too bad. You'll just look a bit tired.

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