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Are eye drops BAD for your eyes?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Yafeelsogood, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I heard that eye drops are bad for your eyes since the solution contains all the preservatives and additive chemicals and read that it is better for your eye to take care of its own.

    Did you have any problems with using eye drops?
  2. I don't use eye drops after smoking partially due to this reason. Your eyes will become accustomed to eye drops everyday (if you use them everyday) and after a while you will see your natural tear chemistry start to go down. If you must use eye drops, use a good brand such as Refresh and use them sparingly.
  3. I dont know about the science behind eye drops and if they are bad. But i did notice that when i smoke and dont use them for a time my eyes do not get as red and as soon ad i use them i lose all my resistance to red eyes
  4. i have never used eye drops as long as i have smoked i dont believe in them, ur eyes get used to them and just make ur eyes more blood shot when u dont use them. my eyes get small when i smoke not dilated my eyes also berly get red.
  5. Yes!!! That's why they are called eye drops.
  6. never knew that. what if you need eye drops for contacts daily? my eyes are always red and dry

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