Are employers getting hamstrung by drug testing ?

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  1. I am curious if nationwide and especially in states with medical or recreational laws are employers throwing in the towel for weed testing ?

    I am trying to find out what employers are thinking and what they are trending to since testing for weed is such a headache for them and it removes so many people from jobs or the pool of qualified applicants for jobs.
    The company I work for has several thousand employees and the turnover is attrocious in our production workforce and most other areas including engineering. The HR people recruit at colleges of all types within 100 miles plus. They have even gone to military bases looking to recruit people coming to the end of their service. And that's only what I'm privy to.

    Other employers have to be having the same problems. And my company pays pretty well and offers free healthcare etc. They do drug test and the stories I have heard about people getting up and walking out when they are asked to test. ( Hair test to hire and for employees random urine done by onsite nurses) I got a random about a year ago and if some of the "secret police" ass kisser management types hear someone make some kind of joke or reference to weed you can bet there will be a "random" test with your name on it within a couple days.

    Some or many employers have got to be pulling their hair out on how to find a solution to sidestep the weed part of testing. What little I can find is it is a big and getting bigger issue that they won't acknowledge but talk about in private and with other employers trying to find a solution that their insurance companies won't bust their balls over. I think that is the reason many still test due to their liability and workmans comp insurance carrier forces them to test more than they want.

    Must be even worse in states with med or rec laws. I do not fear being arrested, I fear testing. It's why I buy weed only test strips by the dozen from Amazon. And before some idiot posts it I and millions like me simply CANT quit a job like this or move.

    When are large employers going to say uncle and worry only about impared at work? It's how it is for liquor. Our clinic has a breathalyzer and draws blood if someone fails the breathalyzer to add proof if some one at work has been drinking.
    I never ever have come to work impared by weed or liquor and don't want to be around anyone who is. I have no sympathy for someone that stupid.
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  2. Until we have a test that only looks at what you've done in the last 12 hours we'll continue to have the double standard with booze the clear winner. Be a DRUNK it's what's accepted in society. Not a pot head.
    So glad I'm past the age of workforce and the bullshit testing.
    The pilot flying your plane can be so hung over he can't see straight but god forbid the copilot might have smoked a joint the night before. Who do you want at the controls ?
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  3. BNW is correct. However I live in Humboldt county where the corporations use the law to their advantage. They all say "we are completely fine with weed but rules are rules." In california a 215 patient can either be accepted by employer but with knowing so must abide by work compensation laws then. However now they use it to their advantage and say oh well they're is no way to determine when you smoked so workers comp neglected. Fucking bullshit they know people don't dui and kill many in accidents or burts of drunken rage when stoned. My "Minor injury"they called it made me eligible for termination throwing everything they could. This is a tricky area I could battle because i used synthetic urine and passed however my urine temp was the same as a dead persons lol. I didn't have time but i could say the guy was new and i waited to long. He had to get 2 others opinion. They new but its a case still. Especially now because it infected my bone last month with ocellulitus. I must get surgery or risk losing my hand or worse my life. Now However in preparation for 2018 a job i went to in the past was doing urine tests anf now does swab testing.
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  4. Sorry about the triple post........ fucking Century Junk is the worst net provider......
  5. I have been that pilot in both seats over the years,

    not allowed to sleep for 36 hours at a time has a lot to do with it along with the various time zones

    I know so many pilots that have screwed their careers with booze is no joke

    weed means that I drop like a rock once my head hits the pillow

    with booze means the hangover dehydrated as is eaten strange food etc

    cheers for the rant!
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  6. The drug testing comes from federal laws, not local or state laws.. Until weed isn't classified as a drug nothing companies can do about it.
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  7. Companies don't have to test under gov law in most cases. There are exceptions like the department of transportation that requires liscenseing but that's not what I'm discussing. Private sector companies that only answer to the bottom line and their ability to hire and retain employees that allow them to operate and do business.
  8. If they provide workman's comp they are bound by federal drug testing policies
  9. I'm not sure about that. I'd like to know. Why do some companies test and others don't?
  10. Alot of times, insurance companies dictate how often workers are tested.. But all companies are required to have a drug testing program even if it very lose
  11. It's the insurance companies that want the drug tests so that's not going away any time soon
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  12. Absolutely! Its just a screening tool to try to ensure the most reliable people will be employed to be able to get the higher paying jobs and/or benefits...... one that could be bypassed like this local dude here:

    Now that is some scary shit right there
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  13. I give drug tests to new hires where I work. I'm a general superintendent for a union commercial construction company. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to weed though if the guy has a good reputation. As long as I see a pass and you sign the paperwork saying you agree, my ass is covered. If you're not smart enough to substitute on n unsupervised pissed, youre not smart enought to work for me. If you get hurt better take care of it yourself as you will be tested, my hands are tied there. Those are done at a testing facility. Insurance companies aren't worried about hiring the most reliable people, they want to get out of paying for accidents plain and simple. Less accidents mean more profit. A drug user is more likely to get hurt as far as they are concerned and pose a bigger risk at taking some of that profit. clean employees mean less accident claims in their eyes.
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  14. According to what I have been reading that is not so. If companies receive federal grants or contracts they may.
    There are I believe 11 states that offer discounts for companies that require drug testing. Not including federal employees and those that fall under department of transportation rules it's up to the companies.
    Drug Testing - Workplace Fairness
    A little digging beyond this site with Google bears that out.
    It's pretty apparent that the issues of insurance, be it workmans comp or otherwise is the prime driver. Some companies choose to test employees only if there is an incident or "reasonable suspicion". That is dependent on state law.
    I hope it becomes such a burden to business and finding good employees that they just do swabs if there is a accident or absolute need.
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  15. Do you have random testing? Will anyone have the opportunity to retrieve a substitute sample if so? I work in a large manufacturing facility and the danger of accidents is very real. That is why I have zero sympathy for anyone coming to work impared. I have never done so and 99% of the people I know agree. Darwin winners earn it for a reason. I just don't want to be collateral damage.
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  16. Absolutely! Insurance companies have a large part in dictating who gets hired setting the bar, the boss dictates who stays hired and who is worth investing in health and retirement packages for long term employee' rates go up, less people are invested in as a new crop of workers come around.

    If your in an "at will" state like I am, this is important because one also has to also pass the personality test otherwise your out the door and nothing you can do will change that and hope to hell there aren't cut backs around the time you retire.....doing everything "by the book". I have known many that passed all tests (insurance, personality, job tasks etc) and were exemplary employee's for 28 or so yrs with frequent pay raises to show as much then got fired because of "cut backs" or "didn't smile that day" making retirement packages due to be paid out null and void forcing them to start over.......a couple of my uncles went through this having nothing to fall back on after giving everything. They started their own businesses and that's their retirement.

    Also what helps contribute to the atmosphere, are the seasonal only jobs...... go through all the hoops every year in a skilled profession and if your employer "likes" you, you will be fired at the end of the season so you can claim unemployment for a few months then rehired the following season often with a pay raise..... if the employer doesn't "like" you, you'll be on stand by and given no hours period. My dad has played this game for the past 45 yrs and climbed his way to the top....only 2 other people in the state can do what he does. He wants to retire but has nothing to fall back on.

    Stories like this abounds here..... no real incentive after everything is said and done with a lot of finger pointing and everyone trying to cover their own ass to keep expenses down then we get CL postings like I showed above........ he/she may be good in his/her job and only partake in off hours - who cares? he/she passed the drug test and will be in charge of your care if/when he/she is assigned to you in an emergency and will probably get a hefty retirement package if not caught
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  17. Lol personality tests.....thats hilarious. In my line of work as long as you're able to tell someone to go get fkd and actually mean it that's about all the personality you need. I love my job, I was designed for it.
  18. It is but sadly so .....lots of small clicks here especially in healthcare and the oil industry.

    Thats great! My husband loved his when he was alive - mostly Victorian remodels and had an excellent wage, benefits and high praise......while we lived in California. Couldn't get a second glance here.......

    Different places, different mindsets ;)
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    You just asked a damn good question. I been wanting to know. Yes im pretty sure here in Texas yes of course we can't smoke and work at chemical plants. Without hair follicle drug tests trace back three months. Im clean 31 days .hell im probably just going to create my own work anyway But I won't be able to retire that's the only downside. I can't stand making another man rich

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