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Are Employers Accepting Of Mm Users?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Hamachi12, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. im worried they aren't in the state of nevada. 

  2. Most businesses aren't weed friendly. Your medical recommendation doesn't exclude you either. You can substitute or try synthetic for drug tests though.

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  3. Dude if they fire you. I don't know how the laws work for that. But if it's a legitament medical condition. Then they shouldn't be able to do anything. You can't fire a guy who has to take painkillers because of chronic pain because he has opiates on his drug test.+
  4. Yea you are not cool with employers even though your doctor says its good for you.
    Become self employed, its not that tough to do.... Be a pot farmer!  :D
  5. I feel like to many people are taking advantage of how easy it is to start a delivery service. There might actually be competition then we're right back where we started.
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    What if you are prescribed demmoral? That a heavy narcotic that wont even allow you to walk, let alone do anything else. I have to agree with that.
    I don't want anyone at the nuclear defense center to be stoned when armegeddon hits.
    I dont want any brain surgeons or any surgeons to be stoned.
    Check out the kids at fast food places. God knows what they are doing to your food. Stoned and forgetting to wash thier hands after taking a dump or something...
  7. If you're boss has to care about that. He probably thinks you're going to die. What i do. I could probably do it better while high. Maybe not. But still.
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    ^ Funny you say that. All the people who shouldn't be working because of their condition go on disability. My aunt had lupus where they had to shut down her immune system. she hasn't worked her whoile life. I worked at a pizza place for 6 months ya a Domino's. I always went in high. And everyone who came in was high. It was just a stoner communion. If you're doing a high precision job you should obviously not be intoxicated. Actually if a surgeon is intoxicated on the job. I believe there are legal repurcussions.
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    It really depends where you work and who you work with.
    I became an MM patient while working casino security in Reno. Security dept orders the drug tests for accidents and injuries, but a lady in HR gets the results, so I didn't bother asking the security director (he was a dick anyways.) I got to know the HR lady pretty well working there before I popped the question, and she said that in the event of an accident or injury that didn't cause substantial loss to the company, she'd overlook the THC in my system as a medical user for seizures. She was just happy that I found something that worked.
    I opted for full disclosure ahead of time to HR and it worked. I'm sure that if I told the company "after the fact" things wouldn't have gone so well in the event of an accident or injury.
    EDIT: oh and just FYI, the MMJ law in Nevada expressly states that companies don't have to accommodate for MMJ card holders
  10. Wonder if the casinos on the strip do the same? She probably blazes on her spare time haha

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  11. idk what you mean by exclude me. it excludes me from getting into legal trouble but employers can legally say no to me because of it. 
  12. You as in everybody and yes in terms of employment not legal issues.

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    Nope. They aren't. Typically, any coworkers i've ever had, either smoked or weren't against me doing so, on my own time... but bosses, especially owners, tend to be pricks about lots of things. That said, i've had bosses who smoked, and even one who didn't mind if i was "a little lifted" at work, *as long as it didn't negatively impact my performance in ways that made the work environment worse. This guy was a fellow toker, and fully understood how some people actually function more fluidly, and remain better composed under pressure, if they're allowed to take a hit or two before work, or even toward the end of the shift after a rush. Coolest boss ever.
  14. Just don't say shit about being associated with weed before you get hired.  Use synthetic pee to pass your tests.  Employers don't really want anything to do with drugs, medical or not, unless you work at Pizza Hut.

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