Are either of these ready for harvest?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NoaLeaF, Apr 28, 2023.

  1. I thought these were about 5 weeks into flower but maybe I didnt start counting week 1 properly...they are both auto flower I messed up and mixed up the labels when transplanting a while back...they are 2 out of these 3 ....lilac diesel, cosmo, or gelato. The pistils seem about half way orange and have been curling recently....cant tell if this is considered milky or cloudy trichomes........

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  2. Two weeks at least, your picture is from a sugar leaf I think, get a picture where the hair is coming out of the calyx's
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  3. both pics should be looking down at top of the colas....was taken with a microscope so can only look down.....can post more later when I get a hand to steady the phone and microscope simultaneously......two different plants

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  4. There might be some strains that are ready with white hairs but I haven't seen any. There's way to many white hairs on those buds, I still say two weeks or more
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  5. thats what Im figuring is 2 weeks I check real good possibly more....its about 5 weeks Id say of flower right now...
  6. 24 my guess, let me know if I win.
  7. @NoaLeaF check the thread in my sig broski
  8. not even sure how to do that
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  9. Thanks broski! I really want that thread to be a sticky in harvesting category! If you know how I would go about that would be great!
  10. I'm old school when it comes to that shit LOL. Plus I believe a moderator needs to do it.
    But yeah there are just too many early harvests and it breaks my heart. I know I've sure done it!!

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